5 Could be interesting things about me....

6:04 PM

So I was prompted  to write a post about five interesting things about me. This may be harder than I thought it would be, when I first thought of the topic, I thought  "piece of cake"

Now, I am going to give it my best shot, and hope you enjoy my post!

The First "interesting" thing about me is that I have seven children. I did not birth them all, but they all belong to me, of course I have to share them with their father, but for the past 11 years, I have been "mom" to all seven of them on a daily basis. Now with a soon to be one year old grand son Asher as well. 

The second thing you might find interesting is that I grew up very poor. I lived for the better part of my younger years in a small town with my Grandma "Ma" raising me. If you have ever heard it takes a village to raise a child, even though we were poor, I had that whole little village helping to raise me, even after Ma became to old to care for me and I went to live with my Mom in the same small town, the village really raised me. Small town life was what I wanted away from, I had no secrets, I could not sneak and smoke or try to sneak out without getting caught, because that little village was looking out for me. I may have been poor, wore hand me downs and didn't have the latest fashions or toys, but I sure did have a lot of love.

Number three, this is getting harder and harder. Just a little more than 7 months ago I was diagnosed and underwent surgery to remove a brain tumor. I can now say I am a survivor. I have numerous other tumors, new ones popping up daily, but I am a fighter, therefore I will be a survivor. It took awhile for me to open up about how I felt about everything, I became depressed and still tend to stay in the house much more often, but slowly I am learning to deal with my illness, and learning to live again. Just last week I had a biopsy and minor surgery, we are still awaiting the results of those test to see what the next step may be, I really hope to still have all my own hair when it comes time for BlogHer in July, but if not, I love some of these wigs and I can wear a different style and color everyday!

The forth interesting thing about me, is after 11 years together, Chris proposed to me in November on to of the Empire State building, the first time he tried was an utter failure. It's a funny story. I was freezing, it was raining and he kept trying to get me to look in the view finder, he said what do you see, I was cranky and said I see rain and snow, I'm going inside...needless to say the hundreds of people watching him with a ring in his hand felt sorry for him and he was just as cranky as I was and I had no clue why. 2 days later when my son joined us in NYC, they got me back on the Empire State Building, Chris on one knee after the same look through the view finder trick, and proposed to me. We will be married in a very informal country style Wedding in that little Village that raised me on May 24, 2014..

Last but not least...I had two dreams growing up,  one was to be an Attorney, the other a writer and though I technically never made those dreams come true, instead I joined the Air Force in hopes of becoming JAG but instead went in to Intelligence, and now, almost 20 years later, I am a stay at home, work at home, blogging mom and i love it. The only thing I miss from working outside the home is the daily people interaction, but my blog has provided me with that and I am happy :)

So, you may or may not find these few tidbits interesting, but it's a few parts of me I have never shared with you and well, I am who I am.

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