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9:50 PM

It's that time again, today's NaBloPoMO post.This month, March is all about self, and weekend's I am not blessed with writing prompts, therefore, I have to think. Can you imagine, it's a weekend and I have to think!

So what do I say about myself today that you have not already heard a thousand times.

I think I am going to talk about my pet peeves.

We all have them, some we just grit our teeth and bare it, others we just have to say something.

I think my biggest pet peeve is the Welfare System. Now, this may be controversial, but I do believe that if you are going to get Government Aid, you should have to pass random drug test, why do I think that? I think that because so many people who truly need it, either don't get enough to help them, or don't get it at all. If we randomly drug tested people who receive Welfare, I guarantee there would be more to go around to the folks who truly need it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with needing help, I have needed help before myself.  Many times, I have driven to the Welfare office only too see people with BMW's, Gold Chains, smoking cigarettes in the parking lot, yet walk out bragging about how much they "made". If you drive a BMW, sell it, get a cheaper car, help yourself and then if you still need help, by all means, get Welfare if you can. I know friends who have worked hard and really need help and could not get it because they were a few dollars over the limit...REALLY???? Maybe they should have lied like others do, it's the ones who need it most that don't get it and that my friends is a huge pet peeve of mine.

I guess a few more of my pet peeves are chewing with your mouth open, lying for no reason, expecting others to help you when you don't help yourself, and assumptions. 

Let's talk about assumptions, people, including myself, make them all the time, I mean look what I just wrote about Welfare. However, making assumptions is a pet peeve of mine, even though I find myself making them as well. People assume that because we own our own business we must have money, well hello world, have you seen the economy lately? Do you know most small business owners barely make it, we are fortunate, we make enough to support ourselves, pay our bills and our help, and sometimes have  a little left over, but we also have kids who need new stuff daily as they grow up, go to college, have babies, need new shoes or school supplies. Never make an assumption like that unless you know it for a fact. In all honesty, were it not for coupons, deals, IWG and sweeps winnings, we would not have any special items or things we enjoy, at least not on such a normal basis, without all those things I just mentioned, I would not have prizes to give you on the blog.

I have many pet peeves, and you do to, admit it, but the last one I will talk about is a dirty house. I know, I have kids, my house should probably always be dirty, but my pet peeve is that my Living Room, Dining Room and Kitchen always looks okay for company ...and last but not least, I can't go to sleep at night unless my bed has been made. Weird or OCD, who knows, but that's just how I am. I get embarrassed when someone stops by and the rooms you can see are a mess, which is quiet often with 4 kids still at home and a grandson who visits frequently and is about to turn one.

So there you have it, my pet peeves, What are some of your pet peeves or thoughts on mine?

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