Goody Bag Giveaway with 5 Winners! Ends Sunday at Midnight!

9:17 PM

I managed to put together 5 Goody bags in flat rate Paddded envelopes today as Meagan and I were going through my blogging stash and thought, why not give them all away this weekend and get them shipped ASAP on Monday/Tuesday!

We are going to do a weekend comment contest, I will list post below that really need comments, you can comment twice daily on each post but you have to do them a different times, not comment on the same post one right after the other so if you comment on the Soda Stream at 11 pm, wait at least an our before making another comment. So you can comment a ottla of siix times on each post over the weekend, and you can also comment on post not listed below, just make you you also comment here and tell me what you commented on and how many times, each comment is a seperate entry.

Here are a few that need comments, when you are done with these you are welcome to browse the blog  and comment on any other post you want.          



Where Oh Where 

General Mills Cereals      

Old El Paso  

My Writing Voice

Dormco ( Don't forget to enter also)

10 Worst Cities

Honeycat Cosmetics ( again, don't forget to enter)

You can comment 2x per day on each post listed plus any others you want too...and as an added surprise one of these bags, no idea which one, has a $25 prepaid Visa inside.

One last way to gain extra entries is to follow me on YouTube for 5 extra entries, Pinterest for 5 extra entries and Instagram for 5 extra entries

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