How My writing voice differs from my voice...

6:58 AM

 March's NaBloPoMo

As a few of you know, this Month, March I am participating in  NaBloPoMo, which means writing a post everyday outside of giveaway post. This Month's theme is about: Self, so you will probably be learning more about me than you ever thought you would or care to know.

Today's Prompt is how my writing voice differs from my real voice, and the first thing I thought about was, it doesn't. However, after spending a few minutes thinking about it, I guess there are soem things that differ.

My writing voice never tells you about the things that make me upset or the times my kids have to miss practice or a dance or something else equally important because they failed to do what they were suppose to or have bad grades. Like take today for instance, I never would have told you that I went to wake Cassie up and saw that her room and the play room which were her only chores yesterday were a bigger mess than when she started, therefore, I am making her come home after school and forgo track practice to finish her chores. This upsets her, but I feel like she has to take responsibility for her actions, she is almost 12, and, she lied about having it cleaned last night because she knows it's hard on me right now to get up and down steps and she didn't think I would check it. Therefore, she will give up what she likes in order to do what she has to do.

My writing voice doesn't always display my emotions, such as when a reader makes a remark that may hurt my feelings, or when someone makes comments about the contest I am in, my writing voice does not display those feelings of hurt. My writing voice takes it all in stride but my real voice is sitting here cussing and getting my feelings hurt.

So how does it truly differ , I don't think it actually does in many ways except the tings I mentioned above. I am a truly upbeat person, I love to laugh, I love to be around my family, well, most of the time, and I love people in general, I think that comes through in the way I live my life and in the way I write, because 9 times out of 10, I write from the heart, maybe how I talk at home doesn't quiet portray the true feelings I have that I voice when I write. I can write and tell you all I am scared, or I am hurting, but sometimes I can't tell my family that.

I guess all writers have a little difference between how they write and how they speak, and my feelings are as long as we tell the truth when we write or when we speak, we are doing the best thing, especially as a Blogger. Now, were I an author who wrote books for a living, I am sure this post would be drastically different, but I am simply a blogger, who loves to write, and I love to talk, I can talk your head off in person, yet I dislike talking on the phone. So if you ever meet me, you will see, I am a talker, I don't slow down, and at the end of our conversation you may be ready to run for the hills. No worries, I do let you talk as well, I will ask you all kinds of questions about yourself too, and expect answers, then I will tell you all about the bad neigbors and the neighbors I love and how my Daughter is going to State for special Olympics next week and how I am rearranging my bedroom and it will go on and on and on.

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