Looking Ten years in the future

11:28 PM


I had to think about this one long and hard, the question , Do you still think you will be blogging 10 years from now.

I should have an easy answer because I do love blogging, I love writing and I guess if I have y way I still will be blogging. However, as the years go by, I see my blog evolving in to much more than what it is now, as I grow older, the blog will grow older and my audience will more than likely grow older. In ten years, I would like to be doing nothing but blogging and not worry about being an Empty Nester.

I often consider starting a second blog about other things I enjoy, more for a mature audience ( nope, not porn ) just adult topics that are not all about kids, because in 10 years, the only kids I will have around will be grand kids. I could continue blogging about Saving My Sanity because without kids at home, I may need to Save my Sanity from Chris.

Honestly, I can just simply say that yes, if I am still here ten years from now, I have no doubt that I will be blogging and going string at it. Keep in mind, none of us are promised tomorrow, me, I pray for each tomorrow with my illness than I can never seem to get answers for. Maybe through blogging and reading other blogs and meeting new readers I will find the answers the Doctors have yet to give me. we have prepared for the end, the worst, as much as anyone can prepare I guess. The last specialist said that unless they could figure it out and stop it, he could not grantee me another year, but i have faith and know I will still be here this time next year.I have no doubts I will still be blogging in ten years, my only doubts are what I will be blogging about ten years from now.

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