NaBlopomo Final March 2014 Post : All about Self

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So as many of you who read the blog regularly know, I participate in a monthly blogging challenge to write daily based on certain prompts and each month as a different theme, This month, life happened and I made it through a good portion of the month and then I stopped. So I have decided to combine many of the last 13 days prompts in to one big post.

I am suppose to write about myself , and well, I never realized I had so much about myself to share and to write about.

One of the prompts ask do you prefer to travel alone or with someone, well this is actually an easy answer in some ways. You see, I have never really traveled by myself more than for a night or two when I was traveling when I was Operations Manager for a large retail company. Yes, amazingly I was once part of corporate America and worked 60-80 hours per week as Operations Manager for one of the U.S. major Computer companies back in the day before the economy tanked and thy closed down in our area and I had no desire to relocate with the promise of no real future with the company, it would have not only been a step down but a huge move when I had just recently made a huge move in my life already.

I do have a degree in Computer Science as well as in Marketing and Management and I once was in the intelligence of the U.S. Air Force in my younger days. So , there you go, some other things I bet you never knew about me, yet I still have yet to answer the question above. 

I love to travel with my family and spend time with them, at the same time I enjoy my short trips with just Chris & I and the closeness we share when we get those very rare opportunities. such as our 2 day trip to Atlantic City, it was such fun and we had a great time spending some much needed alone time together, I never knew then though that it was the calm before the storm to come, which I am not going to really delve in to as I posted on the Facebook page and my heart is still heavy and my eyes still get teary when I think about it, so I am going to pass on that at this time.

My family has been planning a trip for over a year now on a short cruise, we started planning even before I got sick, and I am determined to make it all still happen. This little vacation is a cruise with not only the 4 kids still at home but with my mother and Dustin as well. We are still hoping that Dustin will be able to come with us. We plan to travel to the Bahamas in June for 5 days, we booked so far in advance we got such a major deal and discount that for eight people, it is less than the price a one night hotel stay for all of us each. So even though we have dealt with so much our trip is non- refundable and for that, I really have to say I am thankful because I think it may be what my family needs to start healing. 

So the last prompt of the month, was "what have you learned about yourself this month" and I find myself thinking really hard on how to write about this because I have learned a lot about myself. I have learned that I don't have to be Super Woman all the time, I don't have to depend on them but it helps to know you have others you can depend on. I have learned that I need the help of my family an my friends to keep going. That I am stronger than I thought but at the same time more vulnerable than I thought as well. I am not quiet the person I thought I was , I can't do it all and be it all, all the time, I can't always hide how I feel not can I hold everything gin until I hit my breaking point, as a mom and a soon to be wife, that I have to find my own stopping point, the point where I sit back and say, hey it's me, and I need help. 

So yes, I have learned this month simply from a simple challenge to write abut myself, that I can be me and still let others in to help me. It's okay to be strong, it's okay to do good for others, but it's also okay to say no, to ask for help and to let go when you feel you cannot change a situation. I have had probably the second worst month in my life, but I am blessed to wake up each morning, tell my kids i love them everyday and sleep each night in a house i have called home for ten years, we have food on our table and clothes on our back, and I have some of the most amazing friends, family and blog readers that any person an ask o=for. I have learned that I am me, and I can be me without compromising anything if I ask for help or say no.

So Happy end of March and beginning of spring, because next months blog post are going to get dicey as the subject is scandalous..which may get funny, just wait until you start seeing what all I have to say.

Until next time, thank you all from the bottom of my heart for being such wonderful fans, friends and advisories.

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