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You know how it is when you have teenagers that are just starting to come in to their selves, want to smell good, and are ready for girlfriends and trying to shave? That is where Old Spice #SmellcometoManhood now comes in.SureI bet when you think Old Spice ,you think of when your Dad or Grandfather used it, but the simple fact is, it's not only my 19 year old's favorite but my other two younger teenagers have now decided they will not use anything else.

I was fortunate enough to receive this great kit from Old Spice to introduce to my Teenage boys, now, granted, we did have a few arguments over who got what from the kit, but in the end, no fights broke out there was no blood and we compromised. They each kept a bottle of scented Spray and sent the third bottle to Dustin in D.C. because as they say a Soldier's salary doesn't allow for the little things in life.

This awesome kit that was sent came with all of this :

  •  Old Spice Re-fresh Body Spray – "Scent Responsibly" and smell like a man, not a middle school locker room.
  • Old Spice Branded Earbuds – James Blunt never sounded so manly.
  • “Over the Top” DVD – Dominate at arm wrestling like Lincoln Hawk, without having to go to truck driving school.
  • Duct Tape – Fix anything on the planet.
  • Old Spice Branded Wood Flash Drive
  •  Art of Manliness Book – Becoming a man is an art and a science. It was much safer to send a paperback book than a Bunson Burner.
  • Smellcome to Manhood Certificate – A made-up diploma to add to your LinkedIn profile.
    My kids actually wanted to have an argument over who got to keep the tool kit case. In the end, I have it until they can make a decision between themselves and I think I heard something about who could get the most phone numbers from the mall would win it. Boys will be boys for sure and that's where Old Spice #SmellcometoManhood  comes in to play. It's like a total reinvention of a great brand, and teenagers are loving it. 

    So We split it up pretty evenly between the boys, one got the flash drive and one got the ear buds, but they were dangerous with the duct tape so Chris decided to take that, whew, what an awesome kit.

    Back to the products, The boys love, love, love the spray. They each tried all 3 smells, and after talking it over for close to half an hour they each decided on which ones they liked best . Being boys, you can see they had no problems trying them out.

    Both boys have always been fans of a competitors brand of spray, however, they truly have switched to Old Spice, and no, that's not just saying it for this post, it is true, they loved it, loved the bottle and loved the way it has been re-branded, I even showed them pictures of the Original Old Spice things which have not changed much , but my boys are now official Old Spice #SmellcometoManhood fans!

    Old Spice now has 12 different scents in the Body Spray and you will want to try them all. Alek chose Bearglove Refresh Body Spray while Chase chose Swagger Refresh and they collectively decided to send Dustin the Fiji Refresh . Dustin has been loving Old Spice for about three years, and now all my boys are loving it, which is a huge plus because the price is much better than those other brands and the containers are usually larger as well.

    Now, it's hard enough to get my boys to talk about much of anything other than Video Games, but i had to sit them down and get their honest opinions about Old Spice. From Alek's perspective, he said he likes the body spray more than cologne or any other body spray because it is not overpowering and you can't smell him coming a mile away but that it adds some sexiness to his style, his words, not mine lol. He really liked the body spray a lot and says that you only need a little and it last all day and that he hopes I keep buying it for them, even though he has a job and could buy his own, but that he prefers Old spice body spray over Axe which he was using before we tried this. He said that something is just different about it, it doesn't smell like Old men like he expected but more like a cool teenage boy like himself. 

    Now, Chase had a little bit more to say, in his words, the Body Spray gave him swag, he could wear it all day even when he played rugby and could still have a smell of it through his sweat, which is what a teenage boy likes. I personally don't know how well sweat could mix with anything, but in his words, he likes it and uses it everyday an that he really likes the Hair Paste for the days when he wants to fix his hair, which is everyday he goes to school, he said it doesn't make his hair stiff or sticky and that it puts it exactly like he wants it. 

    So the perspective from both Teenage boys as well as my 19 year old whom I ask over the phone about his bottle of Old spice Body Spray was that this is the new "swag" that Teenage boys want. Chase says his friends keep borrowing his because he keep sit in his backpack and they all like it, Alek says it makes him sexier and Dustin says it perfect for a 19 year old Infantryman who is in the dating scene and that I could give his number out to girls if they wanted to "smell" him and live near  D.C., overall boys may be boys, but these three Teenage boys love Old spice, want me to buy more so they can stay sexy and have that swag!

    We were also given some Old Spice Unruly Hair paste, which Chase decided was his, he is my preppy teen I guess you could say , the main one who uses hair products and wants to be stylish. He loved the hair paste and uses it before school everyday.

    He isn't much for pictures, but he finally gave in and let me take some pictures of him with his new swag, I think he gave in because he wants the tool kit  and decided this would score some Brownie points for him.

Old Spice has a full line of not your Dad's products anymore ( those are my words not from Old Spice lol) They have deodorant, antiperspirant ,body spray, shaving products, bar soap and body wash in three different lines, Red Zone, Fresh and Wild. I have been ask to purchase these boys the full line of products, of course they would want it all and think they need to try something from each of the three lines from Old Spice.

Here are a few pictures that I wanted to share with you all, my boys at their best ( okay it's a joke but they were having fun and that's what counts)

So if you have teenage boys, I bet like my boys say., Buy them Some new Old spice body spray and all the other products like my boys have ask for, so they can get the girls, cover up the sweaty smell and have the sexiness, they say it's the new Teen swag!

Now, the best part for your young men who are about to #SmellcometoManhood ...I am giving a kit away like the one we received thanks to Old Spice! I have made it a fairly simple entry and I encourage you all to get with your young men and show them the Old Spice Website and all the great products, I guarantee any teenager or tween just coming in to this stage is going to love the products, especially if you win the kit!

So, let's get this party started so you can win a kit for the young man in your life and celebrate his #SmellcometoManhood time in his life!

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Disclosure: I received these products and compensation for this post through DDDivas and old Spice, however, all opinions are based on my own & my boys experience.

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