Redstar $500 Gift certificate FREE

7:39 AM

Redstar is offering My readers a free $500 Gift card, yes every reader gets this! 

RedStar Shades is a brand that specializes in high quality polarized, sports, and fashion sunglasses.  As well as crafting state of the art sunglasses, they also have a variety of watches and accessories. Not only are they a sunglass company, but they are also involved with many promotions that include the sponsorship of over 1,000 charity and sport events.

You may think, okay what is the catch, there is really not a catch except you pay shipping and personally I just browsed the site, added some thing to my carts and the shipping was a little higher than I expected but for what I was getting, I was like okay, not too bad, I had 5 sunglasses, a sunglasses case and once you add 4 pair of sunglasses you can pick any watch from the site free as well, so total my cart came to $67, however, You can add only 1 thing to your cart if you want and use your gift code and just pay shipping for one item.

Here is what my cart looked like ( as much as I could get in my screen shot) 

Personally, I am considering doing  the deal because you can't buy all this for this price anywhere else. I could simply choose 1 pair of sunglasses and pay a small amount for shipping, but I really like the deal of buying 4 expensive pair of glasses and picking any watch for free, don't you?

So for those of you who are interested  here is what you do:

Visit REDSTAR and sign up for an account HERE , add up to $500 worth of items to your cart, don't forget to add your free watch if you add 4 pair of sunglasses, I did notice sipping cost are the same on clearance items but you can always add extra pairs for the $500 if you want to pay the shipping. 

When you are ready to check out, use this code: MTA14 for the $500 Redstar gift card

then simply check out and your products are on the way. I personally think it's a pretty good deal and I love some of the products. You can buy 1 pair, 4 pair or even 5 pair and all you pay is shipping. When you look these glasses up on other websites they are the same price as Redstar, the difference is, you don't get them free. Now, for me, I am a Sunglasses fanatic year around, so it makes more than perfect sense for me to order. The watch is a bonus which will be used as a gift for A Birthday or Christmas for someone.

So Browse around RedStar and see if you can't find something you like. If you want you can choose upgraded shiping as well to get it here as quick as you want, and checkout is simple. I just finished going through the entire process and there were no extra charges or anything, so I feel good about promoting this to you since I personally checked it out.

Disclosure: I was compensated for this review with free product. I was not required to post this review and all opinions are my own and meet all FTC requirements.

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