Inspiration Comes from Within: Nablopomo: Don't Worry, Be Happy!

10:04 PM

Since weekends are free writing for Nablopomo, and this month's theme is about self, I had a reader that ask me to share my story, so that I can do.

The first thing the reader said was that she wanted to know how I inspire others. I actually didn't realize I did, but If I can, then I surely will.

Being sick doesn't mean laying down and giving up, it means that no matter how much you want to crawl back in your hole and hibernate, you need to get up, get moving and put a smile on your face. For me, I personally much prefer to put a smile on someone Else's face, as it does my heart good when I can make a small difference in someones day.

Most of you know my story. My Son went off to Boot Camp and 2 days later, I found out I had a brain tumor, within 2 weeks I had it removed, and was up and running the next day, determined not to let it get me down. We kept it all from my son so he could concentrate on himself and his dreams without worrying about me. After the Brain tumor, several more tumors have since popped up, and I recently had another biopsy on a large tumor that is in a place that they cannot remove. I get scared just like everyone else would, but I have to stay positive not just for me, but for my kids and Fiance. So each morning that I wake up, that's a good morning. I also have 21 masses on my lungs on top of several other health issues that no one, especially as young as I am should be going through. The biggest thing is to stay positive and optimistic.

One thing about me is that I love to give and share, which usually means that when I win something ( Contest, Instant wins, etc) I put half or more back in to the blog as prizes. When I get reviews products , I always give the extras away on the blog as well.I love to put a smile on the faces of you guys, you know, the ones who are reading this,

I love to give back, as once upon a time, I was given too. There was a year when I had nothing for my kids for Christmas, not even a tree until some strangers knocked on my door about 3 days before Christmas and made our dreams come true and I never knew who they were or where they came from but they knew exactly what my kids wanted. That was almost 13 years ago and since then, I try to pay it forward once very day in some form, sick or not.

Yes, It's true, I am sick. I could live a long healthy life or this illness may take over and I could just as easily be gone in a month, so to make it as easy as possible, I have all my affairs in order and have made plans for my disabled daughter Meagan.

I think the best thing anyone can do, sick or not is to stay focused on the positive aspects of life. Did you wake up today? Do you have Food in your stomach and clothes on your back? Then you have wonders to b thankful for. Keep your glass half full always, and forget about the half empty part because it should never even come in to play.

Being sick isn't easy, I have my days where I want to just cry my eyes out. days where the last thing I want to do is fix my hair or put on makeup but knowing that if I do just a little, i will feel better all day about myself. I am taking each day as it comes. Blogging has been my saving grace, as I love to write and keeps my mind off being sick. I wish I even knew what was wrong, but Doctors do not even have answers for me yet, it's hard for me sometimes to comprehend that numerous tumors can just keep popping up and they may or may not be cancer but no one can explain what is going on, so for me, that is the hardest part, not knowing.

I may live a long happy and healthy life, or whatever this is, could take em tomorrow, but when I am done in life, I will know that I  stayed positive and kept my glass half full always. Sometimes I can even say it stays full to the brim.

Follow your dreams, follow your heart and -don't let the bad tings in life get you down. Sure, I can't be positive all the time, days come and go and I cry for no reason, I get aggravated because I can't remember everything like I used to or i repeat myself or forget what I am doing right in the middle of something, but you just have to keep moving forward. Every step forward is a step in the right direction, so don't let those backwards baby steps get you down. I can't, I have to keep on trucking everyday, even when I think I can't do it anymore.

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