The Big Reveal.....

10:57 PM

Do you feel like you reveal too much of yourself on your blog? Do you think you hold back too much?....That was the question posed to me for today's Prompt. This one can be a little dicey .

I reveal a lot about myself and my family on the blog, but I truly don't think I reveal too much because I feel like I am talking to my best friends. On the other hand, sometimes people don't want to come to a blog and read about some random person they don't know, most people come to read a blog for the first time for a particular reason, me, I have a very broad spectrum of things I enjoy writing abo9ut and talking with out all about. I also enjoy when you guys tell me about yourself as well, so it;s a two way street.

So my answer to this question , No, I don't feel as if I reveal too much on the blog, sometimes maybe not enough. Why you ask? I feel this way because I love my readers, I love sharing my life with you and you sharing your life with e as well. I enjoy sharing the truth, the good, the bad, the ugly. sometimes I would say I even hold back too much, many ave ask after my health and for weeks, I have chose to just keep it to myself, and that is wrong because for those of you who truly care, I should have told you what was going on.

My blog, contains three things I am proud of, number one being friends, number two being true life, number three being reader engagement with my post, 

So it's your turn now, ask me anything you want, and if I can possibly answer it, I will but when you ask a question, for every question you ask, you us reveal one thing about yourself as well.

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