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I know you have all at least heard of The Tender Filet, but how many of you have honestly tried them? I will be honest and say right up front, until I was offered the opportunity to do a review, I had simply passed them on by as just another company who sells high priced meat that I would normally never buy from.

I can say for certain now, that I will be ordering from them again. I chose the Steak Sampler Pack and was amazed at the steaks we received. We had two of almost every steak you can imagine. The steaks were not only very good sized but succulent and tender just as the name states, The Tender Filet.

The Sampler includes:
  • Two 4-oz. Filets Mignons
  • Two 12-oz. T-Bones
  • Two 6-oz. Sirloin Steaks
  • Two 6-oz. Rib Eye Steaks
  • Two 6-oz. Manhattan Cut Steaks
Shipped frozen in a reusable insulated cooler containing dry ice.

You all know, I have a large family so all the steaks were cooked except for the 2 Filet Mignons which Chris wanted to hoard for himself . Here a re a few pictures of the steaks as we began the process of searing and cooking them, I had intended to grill them but it just so happened to snow unexpectedly.

I love to sear my steaks in a cast iron skillet with a generous touch of EVOO ( Extra virgin Olive Oil) along with a dab of salt and pepper, but we wanted to try them without he salt and pepper just to get a real feel and taste of the actual steak.

I have to say, my kids and Chris were begging for more.  I would say that had I have order two of these we could easily have eaten them all. Personally, I am not a steak person, but I had to try these because they looked amazing and my family continued to rave with every bite.

These are definably going to be part of our Easter Dinner, The Tender Filet also has several packages to choose from that would make a great Easter dinner at amazing prices. My next purchase will not only include the Steak Sampler so that everyone can choose their own steak but will also include one of the Easter Hams along with several side dishes. This takes all the planning an stress out of Easter Dinner planning and I know I can please everyone. You can check out the Easter Dinner choice on the Website and order today so that you are all ready for Easter and no worries because it comes packed in dry Ice and our steaks were perfectly preserved for shipping.

The Tender Filet also has several other choices for you as well, such as Chicken, Seafood, desserts, Ham and more. They  have something for every appetite that is well worth the money and you won't be sorry , more than anything you will most likely become a regular customer as I know we will be.

So start planning you Easter Dinner now with the Tender Filet so you are nor down to the wire trying to organize it all. This also gives you the opportunity to skip the chaos of the Grocery store and simply have it delivered straight to your house with a variety that is sure to please everyone.

The Tender Filet has graciously offered me the opportunity to give away the Same Steak Sampler Pack that I received to one of my readers, just in time for your very own Easter Dinner or other Special occasion. You will receive exactly what I received :

  • Two 4-oz. Filets Mignons
  • Two 12-oz. T-Bones
  • Two 6-oz. Sirloin Steaks
  • Two 6-oz. Rib Eye Steaks
  • Two 6-oz. Manhattan Cut Steaks
U.S Winners only for this giveaway. Very simple and easy Rafflecoper Giveaway below. 

Disclosure: I received this item free of charge from The Tender Filet. No monetary

compensation was received or offered, nor was I under any obligation to write about this

product. All opinions expressed are my honest thoughts. I am not offering any sales or

taking orders for this item. I will not receive any compensation in connection with any

sales of this item.

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