Where Oh Where, Do I most feel like myself

8:45 AM

As many of you know I am participating in NoBloPoMo this month and because I really can't think of things about myself to talk about, I have decided to use the prompts offered to my to my advantage.

Today's prompt is where I feel most like myself.

That should be an easy question to answer and it should be at home, but in all honesty, I feel more like myself when I am in a crowd, such as a family Reunion, a Conference, or such. I would not go as far as to say a Nightclub or anything like that because I don't go to them and when I did, I never really felt like myself.

When I am around my entire Family, I can be myself, I can bring out the small town girl and at the same time, show off my side of growing up and moving to the big city.  I can talk about things with my family that I don't talk about with my friends, and the best part is, there are so many people, I can talk all I want, and since I love to talk, it's the perfect place for me to feel like myself.

My family reunion is also the place where I excel, because even almost 200 miles away I always organize it from the venue to the food, I take care of all the details and I am always the first to arrive and start issuing orders and getting set up. That is right up my alley. I was a Boss for so long that it's just my natural self to organize and make sure everything turns out perfect. Now, being me, this is one time I wish these family members ( a few do) would stop and say Thank you for organizing this or you did a good job, but as only a couple ever even say thanks, it grates at me, so I pout for a little while. See, I am being myself, when I do things like that, i feel the need to be shown appreciation. I know, it's wrong, I should be happy that all of my family came and are together, but sometimes You need to feel that appreciation.

I do feel a lot like myself at home as well, but as I don't get much adult interaction on a normal basis, I feel pent up and the need to talk, then Chris comes home after a long day working, and the last thing he wants to do is hear me talk about my blog, or the twitter parties or who is doing what online. He just wants to have his dinner, make idle chitchat,  play on his iPhone and watch some TV, sometimes I can get him to open up and talk for awhile, because if I listen to him about his day first, he will listen to me for about 2 minutes before he tunes me out. Again, I know I am needed at home, but I feel under appreciated again but the difference is, I don't need that recognition at home, because I just know, they count on me, they know I will have dinner made, chore list written, I will pick them up from school and take them to events and sporting meets, and many times I do get a thank you, but my kids actually show me appreciation without realizing it , as does Chris.

So there you have it, the part of me that feels at home, the part that craves a Thank you, sad but true..I can be an attention hog when it comes right down to it. However, I always make time to listen and ask questions about everyone Else's life and how they are doing and such and I keep those mental notes that way I can drop by their Facebook wall and mention something they told me and tell them hello and thank you or something of the like. I like to make others feel important and needed as much as I like to feel that way myself. 

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