Why attending BlogHer and Blogging are so important to me

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I see so many people who say oh, I want to blog, you get free stuff. I'm here to tell you, it''s not all about free stuff and it's hard work. If you choose to become a blogger, do it for reasons you care about, not just because you "think" you can get free stuff. Before you can even start to get free stuff, you have to put a lot in to it, content, SEO with your content, gain readers, and so much more.

Why did I start blogging? Originally I started blogging because I loved to coupon and thought, hey I can help others lean, then within months of starting my blog, there were close to 3,000, yes 3,000 new coupon blogs out there and I decided, why not blog about things I am passionate about, things I enjoy, things my readers will enjoy and not just be another coupon site, so I changed the name to Saving My Sanity from Savings For Sanity ( As soon as my domain name is up it is going to automatically change to the new name) Working on Facebook to change the name has proved to be a challenge, one that I hope not to endure again.

Plain and simple, I have found my niche, I found found my love of writing, and found that although we post the freebies and deals, we talk to each other like friends do. My blog has become more of a family than a place to hear about the newest coupons.

So , now that I have found my Niche and my blog is striving, why do I want to attend BlogHer? Well, let's say that from the day I started blogging, that has been my goal, a goal I was starting to think I would never reach. I had plans to go last year, Chris was going to drive, but that all fell through when that nasty Brain Tumor appeared, I decided last year just wasn't meant to be. I want to attend BlogHer so I can learn more about blogging, all the things I don't know, which are many. Sure, it's way far from home, and I will be traveling alone for the first time in 11 years, but I am up for it and ready. I may have to skip a session or even a few parties when I am not feeling well, but overall, I am going to come home packed full of knowledge, I already know this.

I'm super excited to meet the faces behind several of the blogs I personally read as well as meet new people who are BlogHer newbies such as myself. I love to network, I love to try new things and I love to travel. So, BlogHer is my ideal vacation , it's like my time to finally do something for myself, to follow a dream oh and I can't forget, have some kid free days. I love my kids, don't get me wrong, but it's time for a few kid free zone days.

I can't wait to bring back the knowledge I will surely find and make my blog even better, to share with you all the things I learned and hopefully come home with some goodies as well.

So now you know..why I blog and why I desperately wanted to attend BlogHer, and am so excited that my dream of 3 years is coming true thanks to a very generous and loving Lady and her Husband. Thanks Jan and Sri :)

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