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9:07 AM

AdvoWire is the latest and greatest in promoting your business or anything you desire to promote,. You can start with as little as $5.00 ( which they are offering you free right now to get started)

A new an very innovative service which I personally plan to begin using to help grow my Blog itself, AdvoWire has everything you need all in one spot.

AdvoWire makes it easy for anyone to promote nearly anything by leveraging the reach of others on social media. Within minutes, you can create and launch a campaign that rewards Advocates as they share your message to their audiences. Detailed engagement and conversion reporting make it easy to monitor successes along the way.

You set your own budget, no worries about going over because once you set your budget, your campaign stops of you can enter a new budget. You can track all of your engagement very simply right on your computer screen through AdvoWire

You dashboard on AdvoWire will give you very detailed engagement as well as conversion reporting which makes it easy for you to see if your campaign is working or if you need to change tactics.

What AdvoWire can do for you:

Set targets for Advocate eligibility – such as the location of your preferred audience, industry or niche markets, as well as specific times or days you want your content shared. Make adjustments as your campaign gains momentum to maximize results.

Assign content for each network you want your campaign shared on, including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Provide a link to where you want to send your audience. Upload media files to enhance visibility and engagement as your message is promoted.

Enter budget that you’d like to spend per day and designate the amount you are willing to pay for each share. We make the process easy by recommending a starting point based on the specific network and minimum size of a potential Advocate’s audience.

You can easily turn your social media content in to making money with AdvoWire. so head on over and check out AdvoWire , get your first $5.00 free and start turning our content into cash today.

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