Boy Survives light in Planes Wheel Well..your thoughts?

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Can you imagine being 15 years old and scared, far away from your Mother and no way to get to her? I just read about the 15 year old who stowed away in the wheel of a Boeing 747 and survived, although he is in the hospital. He was discovered in Hawaii about an hour after the plane touched down. Granted, this has happened 104 other times in history with a 24 % survival rate, including a 9 year old boy, but what really intrigues me is why and how this 15 year old did what he did and how things are being handled.

Here is the thing that gets me, before I go in to more depth of this story. It seems that instead of focusing on why this child did what he did, they are more concerned with the breach of security . Now that I understand, especially after 9/11 which turned our country upside down. They have a clear video of someone on the tarmac at 1:30 am, and from  all of my information I have collected, they do a complete check of all airplanes before take off, which I would image would include checking the wheel well also.

So when seeing someone unknown on the tarmac, it would seem to me that that would raise a red flag, that the planes would be thoroughly checked for bombs and such  and the boy would have been found before it came to what it come to. My personal opinion ,but then again, I don't work for TSA nor the airlines or Homeland Security but I did do my time in the Air Force in intelligence as well as administer test for persons who are looking to become employed by TSA.

So back to the real story here, we read that this has happened 104 times prior, the youngest being a 9 year old boy.

My question is, why did the boy do what he did. What was so important that he ran away from home and took such an obvious attempt in a most dangerous way to get to his mother in Somalia? What we do and do not know:

1) He ran away from home in Santa Clara, who was he living with if he was trying to see his Mom in Somalia?

2.) Why was he not reported missing if he had run away especially after so much time had passed, or if he was reported missing why have authorities not released that information?

3.) He is now in the Hospital in Hawaii and is now in custody of Department of Human Services

4.) He is not being charged with anything even though he put himself and possibly others at risk

5.) His Mother was obviously in Somalia and he clearly wanted to leave America and get back to her

Watch this videoHere is an insert what from I read on CNN which may be why the boy will not be punished and if that is the case, then I will retract my statement that I feel he should be

The boy's survival is "dumb luck mostly," says Dr. Kenneth Stahl, trauma surgeon at Miami's Jackson Memorial Hospital. The temperature outside the airplane could have been as low as 75 or 80 degrees below zero, said Stahl, who is also a pilot. "Those are astronomically low temperatures to survive."

The boy was likely so cold that "he was essentially in a state of suspended animation," Stahl said. Being young likely worked in his favor, too. "No adult would have survived that," Stahl added.

The boy could face permanent brain damage from the experience, in fact, it's "more likely than not," Stahl said. He could face neurological issues, memory problems or a lower IQ.

When the ground crew at Kahului Airport noticed the boy, he was wandering the tarmac, dazed and confused.

The teen also could have frostbite or a kidney injury because when the body freezes, particles of muscle enter the blood stream and damage the kidneys, Stahl said.

What does this leave us, as everyday citizens to think and believe without more information to go on?

So many times in the Media we only gets parts of the story, most times I think we never fully get the entire truth.

Now, granted, I know only what I have read on several different websites. I have drawn my own conclusions, as I am sure many others have, I would suspect at this point, that something bad was going on in the home where he was currently living, something bad enough that he was not reported missing, and that he has now been taken in to custody of the Department of Human Services. ON the other hand, maybe this was not the first time he had attempted something and the parents in the home fully expected him to come back home .

Do they plan to investigate his home situation and then return him back to his home in Santa Clara or do they have plans to keep the boy in State Custody.

Was this child, yes, even though he is 15, he is still a child, fully aware of how dangerous his plan was and that he could have easily have died and maybe never have gotten to see his mother?

Why was his Mother in Somalia and he in America?

Do you think that he should be charged with a crime? Here is my take on that..I say yes. They say he will not be charged, but my feelings are that even though he is in the hospital now and probably had some reason for what he did, he is old enough to know that what he did was wrong and he should in some form be punished. At the very least, he should have to take classes on the dangers of doing wrong and see what happens when adults commit crimes, maybe a scared straight program. Did he feel that running away from home was his only option? Was he being abused? Clearly, whatever thoughts crossed through this child's mind made him feel that he had to get away. However, no matter the cause, he has to learn that what he did was wrong in so many ways. I'm not saying throw him in juvie or slaughter him. I simply think that he needs to learn that every action has a consequence.

Was he being unduly mistreated at his home? Then the parents in the home should be punished as well. So many kids feel that they have no way out and run away and end up living life on the streets, become drug addicts, or worse, die. We have resources for runaways, some good, some great, others that make the children feel like they are wrong.

Maybe this incident will compel someone out there to find a way to help runaway teens so that they realize they have other options not so dire as the situation they are running from.

Had this been my child, I would have reported him missing within hours, I would have been moving heaven and earth even if we had an argument to find my child. If I thought my child might attempt to get somewhere, like this child was trying to do, I would make sure the authorities knew about it, which in turn might have made the airlines think about that mysterious figure on the tarmac at 1 am in the morning, which could have led to him being found before the plane took off and him losing consciousness for almost 5 hours and could possibly have died.

Out of the now 105 attempts of someone riding in the wheel well of an aircraft, only 24 % ended well, which means 76 % ended in death. which very well could have happened to this child.

I can speculate all evening on the what, when and the why but unless the media and the authorities give us these answers I have ask above, I doubt we will ever hear the full story.

Do you think he should have been taken in to state's custody? Have you heard more than what I have listed or read? I would love to hear your take on everything above. Do you think he should receive some type of punishment for what he did?

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