Couples Costume: The Great Pink ladies Jacket from Costume Discounters

10:56 PM

I recently had the opportunity to review my choice of one of the couples costumes from Costume Discounters .I decided on this cute and sexy looking Pink Satin ladies jacket, I adore it, not only can I wear for a night out but it can be paired with anything and used as more than a  costume, I love this era of clothing anyway so it only made sense that I chose this.

    Costume Discounter has Wholesale Costumes to fit any Budget, especially if you are looking for a couples Costume. They have so many cute Couples Costumes, so if you are already thinking about Halloween or have a party to attend you definitely want to check out all the ones they have. The prices are simply amazing, much better than I have found anywhere online or in stores and they are high quality costumes.  The Other part of this costume for the man is the silky Black Satin jacket that is the perfect compliment to the Pink Satin Ladies jacket for Couples.

. If you have an event planned that would work with this theme, it's such an easy costume to pair with what you already have in your closet. I always start thinking ahead for Halloween instead of waiting until last minute when you are rushing and can't find what you want because it's out of stock or not in your size.

You will find everything you need from them including Party Supplies for every occasion, Costumes for all ages, Couples Costumes and so much more. You can also find complete Birthday in a Box party kits at a price anyone can afford.

I will for sure be ordering my kids Halloween costumes early this year and from Costume Discounters. I can already see a few Party in a Box kits that I plan to purcahse as well, which will take all the running and guesswork out of planning a party and make it much less stressful. 

Now to only talk Chris in to ordering the Jacket to match my Pink Satin Ladies Jacket so we can rock it this Halloween!

Disclosure: I was provided a product to review, I was under no obligation to review this product and all opinions are my own and meets all guidelines.

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