General Mills and Super Hero's, Did you ever imagine?

7:47 AM

Yes, you read that right, General Mills has taken on some amazing Super Hero's!

I bet you are wondering how that happened and how you can get you and your children in the mix of things as well. You see, Specially marked boxes of General Mills cereal Now have not only a mask on back but a special edition Super Hero Justice League Comic Book in each specially marked box. The easiest place to find these right now are at Target but don't wait too long because these Super Power Boxes will disappear before you know it.

Now, my kids love Cheerios already so it isn't hard getting them to eat them, but this makes it so much more fun to hear them say "Mom" Can you go to Target and pick up another box so we can try to get all four comic books? Now, they know the rules, only one open box of cereal at a time, so knowing that they are eating a healthy breakfast while searching for Super Hero's really makes a Mom Smile. 

So far, we have two of the comic books and it's like a race, the search is on, will we find the other two before they run out? Will these Comic books be forever lost in someones trash or just thrown out because they simply wanted that box of Cheerios? No

, We can't let that happen, we must finish our mission of obtaining all 4 Justice League Comic Books.

Even my girls have gotten in on this, and I have promised them a sleeve to put the Justice League Comic Books in when we get them because they think that one day, they will be rich off them, for that I blame myself, you see, I watch all those Storage Auction and Antique Road shows, where hundreds of years later a find is made that makes someone rich. They know that once upon a time, in a land far away , that Mom had more Comic books than you can imagine and somewhere in between moves they were lost. Someone found a great find that day because I had a first edition superman plus tons of Beetle Baily and so much more. So my kids are determined this shall not happen to their precious general Mills Justice League Comics, after all, how hard can it be to keep up with 4 Special Justice League Comic books with 4 kids at home? Impossible, I think but they have really gotten some enjoyment from them, so in their own way, they have already made themselves rich and they just don't realize it.

So why not head on over to target and pick up a Box of these Specially marked boxes like this one and see how many of the four Justice League Comic Books you can acquire? Can you beat my family and get all four before us? If so, I may have to hunt you down!

Disclosure: I received one box of Specially marked Cheerios in exchange for a review. I was not required to do the review and all opinions are my own

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