Get ready for Easter with Sweetworks candies! Flash Giveaway as well!

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I remember when I was small, I loved Sixlets candies, they were not only my favorite but my Grandma's as well. After years of not seeing them around much I now see them in every store and the Easter one's are sooo cute and perfect for Easter. 

Sweetworks candies have so many amazing things to fill those Easter Baskets that kids and adults both will love.

The Bubblegum balls from Sweetworks have been a  big hit in my house, we have been through two of the bags already but I hid the other two bags to help fill those Easter Baskets come Sunday morning. I love these large Gumballs, and they come in Pastel Spring Colors which are perfect for Easter. You can buy the large bags and split them up into smaller little cellophane bags to add to a basket or just add a whole bag to make a huge splash because what kid doesn't love Gum Balls, especially these awesome ones from Sweetworks.

Another great product is the Sixlets and they come in so many different kinds of bags and containers. I love the cute little candy jar ones, they are perfect for baskets or you can keep them on hand to decorate Easter candies, Cakes and such, they come in Pastel colors as well. Kids will love these, brings back so many fond childhood memories for me.

They also come in large bags which you can easily fit in to an Easter Basket or you can do what I am doing and pour them in cellophane bags shaped like carrots and tied with a Pastel string to match the colors and out in more than one basket of just to split them up so kids can have a few individual bags in the basket.

They also come in the "remeber when" little individual packs in a large bag which make cute decor for your Baskets that are also edible.

I have found so many way I plan to add these awesome candies to my kids Baskets this year. I love all the product that Sweetworks carry and if you take a look at the website you can see all the great things they have to offer and trust me, it will bring back memories for you as well.

One thing I had never tried before were the Sweetworks pearls, and I just love them, tangy yet sweet and look like real pearls in all these cute Pastel Easter colors, again a great addition to any Easter Basket or Cake decorations. However, when you think of these you don't just have to think about Easter, think Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Christmas, Halloween and just any made up occasion you can think of, they are the best!

What is Easter without a Chocolate Bunny? Sweetworks has those amazing Niagara Chocolates®  Eater Bunnies that will be put in each of my children's Easter Baskets as well as one for Chris as well. I love making Easter a special time for your family so even the older kids and Adults get personalized Baskets that I made to suit their personalities and favorite things.

I was amazed when I saw all the awesome products they have to offer for every occasion and you will see several different brands of candies on the website, so make sure to visit it because you are going to see why at the end of my review .

Not only do these products bring back childhood candy favorite memories but they can also help you make memories with your children as well. It's so much fun to have these little surprises to give my kids when they bring home good grades, or just because. Pull out a bag of gumballs when you are playing outside this Spring and Summer and see the smiles on your kids faces ( Don't leave yourself out, you will want a Gumball or two as well) 
 SW CelebrationPearls_1.75oz.ShimmerWhite_3DRender_CMYK

They have so much to choose from, even Nerds! Who doesn't love nerds, they are probably a favorite for many kids.So if you are like me and frantically wondering what to add to your Easter Baskets this year, you need to think about all these great Sweetworks candies.

Now here is the best part, I am giving you a chance to win some Sweetworks candies for yourself in this 36 hour flash giveaway. It will en don the 15th at 1 pm and winner must respond by 3 pm or another winner will be chosen. so check the page at 1 to see if you are a winner, also leave your email address and I can contact you by email as well.

It's a simple entry, first head on over and like SweetWorks Facebook Page, then take a look at the website and tell me which product you like best, make sure you do both and put it in the comments below and a winner will be chosen on the 15th at 1 pm EST

Diclaimer: I was provided several products in exchange for a review, this post meets all guidelines and all opinions are based on my own and I was not required to do a review.

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