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How would you like to have more time for fun and relaxation on your weekend? I know, if you are like most of us, your weekends are filled with all the cleaning that did not get done during the week.

I used to spend an hour just cleaning my stove from everything that got missed during chore time on weekdays, then I discovered Mr, Clean Liquid Muscle. Mr. Clean Liquid muscle is designed to give you a #CleanFreeWeekend. Why spend hours scrubbing away when you can pick up a bottle of Liquid Muscle and get those icky chores out of the way  so you can have you weekend free to do other things on your never ending list or even have time to relax. I know that  I am loving it and I will be spending plenty of weekends now as #CleanFreeWeekend thanks to my Liquid Muscle.

Now, I was almost embarrassed to post these before Pictures, but in order to give you a full overview of just how well this works. 

This is my stove, now granted it has many years on it and my kids wipe it down every evening after dinner, but I usually spend my weekend mornings re-cleaning what they supposedly cleaned over the week. So here is a picture of my stove before hand

You can easily see the build u on my stove, even if it is a gazilion years old. It is DIRTY! Now, Mr. clean Liquid Mucle and I had a fun time cleaning my stove and it only took a matter of a few minutes and it was sparkling. I was pretty impressed. 

The after Picture:

Granted, some stains just will not come off, but to see my stove sparkle like this in less than 5 minutes quickly turned me in to a believer of Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle.

Some of the features of Liquid Muscle are:

 With 2.5x more power in every drop, MrClean Liquid Muscle penetrates dirt and lifts it away easier than ever before, meaning you’ll need to spend less time cleaning your home this weekend and more time enjoying some free time within it!  #CleanFreeWeekend

With MrClean Liquid Muscle, less is more! The auto-stop cap means you'll get the right amount of product each time, while the new formula ensures that each drop packs a lot of muscle to remove even the toughest stains with much less elbow grease is needed. And, we all know less time cleaning equals more free time to actually do the stuff you WANT to do this weekend.  #CleanFreeWeekend

MrClean Liquid Muscle comes in a variety of scents and also includes a kitchen formula and a special formula that’s specifically tough on bathrooms – after all, isn’t that the last place you want to spend your free time over the weekend? #CleanFreeWeekend 

To find out more about Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle and to see all the great products available, I encourage you to visit the Mr. Clean website 

Now the next Pictures are pretty embarrassing, since I already had my bucket out and it still had water and Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle in it from cleaning my stove, I thought why not give the Shop door a go and see if I could get it anywhere near clean. Now, don't judge because I have Chris & The guys using this door day in and day out with their dirty hands from working in the shop cutting metal and such, and it usually never comes totally clean or even close to it and may last for a day or luckily if I clean it on a Friday it may stay clean over the weekend, so another advantage for me having a #CleanFreeWeekend 

Here is my door before:

Pretty gross huh? I usually use a paper towel over my hand just to open that door on a normal basis. Three  Minutes and some Liquid Muscle later this is how it looked:

Granted, I just did around the door handle for the Pictures, but I did go back after and finished the whole door, which now looks amazing I may add and the guys even noticed how clean it was and started being more conscientious of making sure to use the handle instead of touching all over the door.

Overall, I have to give Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle 5 stars. I have since used it  many times with wonderful results and have my kids using it when they do chores throughout the week, so this weekend was not spent redoing the chores they did throughout the week but instead working on other things and getting in some relaxation time as well. I actually had time this weekend to read, watch some HGTV and work on the blog for a change and I loved it! I want many more #CleanFreeWeekends

Not only do I have a great giveaway for you all, but this week you also have the opportunity to attend the #CleanfreeWeekend twitter party and win some awesome prizes too. 

#CleanFreeWeekend Twitter Party, hosted by @DoubleDutyDivas & @RealMrClean on April 29th (4/29), at 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM CST ( 9-10 PM EST). Encourage your readers to RSVP here.

Now it's time for me to tell you Q6PG-BLC7QG how you can win some amazing Liquid Muscle for yourself
  • Tell us how MrClean Liquid Muscle helped you enjoy a Clean Free Weekend by Tweeting MrClean @RealMrClean using #CleanFreeWeekend or showing us at

Do one of the above and follow Mr. Clean on Facebook and/or  Twitter then come back to this post and tell me in the comments what you would do with the extra hours you would have free on your #CleanFreeWeekend. One lucky winner will receive the following:

Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle (ARV $20)
Bucket (ARV $5)
Gloves (ARV $5)
$25 AMEX Gift Card  

Giveaway will end on May 7th at 11:59 pm

Disclosure: This review and giveaway was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Mr. Clean. I was provided the featured product free along with a gift card to facilitate my review, but all opinions are 100% mine. 

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