OH, It's just a little white lie!

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So this month's Nablopomo is all about Scandal. I have missed the first few days but get ready because I plan to catch up and continue because I think this is going to b a little bit funny and a little bit not so funny.


Do you remember as a child all those little lies your parents told you? I have to say I can't quiet remember them all, some I remember as very sad memories, some I know I have even gone as far as to repeat to my children.

Did you ever cross your eyes and have your parents say don't do that your eyes will stay that way, or if you keep making those faces your face will freeze that way.

I was raised mostly by my Grandmother but I can remember so many little white lies she told me over the years as I was growing up that scared me straight. Some, as I grew a little older I knew were just that, little white lies, which were still shocking because my Grandmother was a god fearing, devout Christian , but even those little white lies helped make me the person I am today, or at least I think so.

So, what about Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy and such, are you guilty as well? Do you feel it's okay to tell your kids those little white lies?

So let's make a list

1.Santa Claus
2. Easter Bunny
3. Tooth Fairy
4. Your Face will freeze if you keep making those faces
5. .....


Now, I am guilty of telling my kids everything above just as my parents told me, so am I a horrible parent? I don't think so, because even though kids eventually figure out that those things are not real, especially such as Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, I feel like it put a bit of magic and excitement in to their lives and is all a part of growing up. I know many of you may disagree and tell you kids from the start that Santa is not real, but in essence, that would be incorrect because a very log time ago there was a man called Saint Nick which eventually evolved in to the story of Santa Claus. Even today I continue to tell my kids that Santa is real if only you believe. Now, the Tooth fairy is a different story, I think I gave up on telling my kids the Tooth Fairy was real after about the 5th or 6th lost tooth when I would forget to take the tooth and put money under the pillow.

How about stop making those faces or your face will freeze, or stop crossing your eyes or they will stay that way. Did you parents every tell you any of those/ I am sure that If I really sit down and thought about it, I could come up with so many more, but I would love to hear from you about the little white lies your parents told to you and do you do the same with your kids.

Do you consider believing in Santa Claus a lie? Personally, I feel that it isn't a lie, it isn't scandalous , it's a matter of believing, or your personal beliefs. I feel like every child needs that magic for a little while. 


Some lies I have told my children have been to protect them and yes, those, I question quiet often. Like when I had my Brain Tumor removed, we flat out lied to my children and told them nothing would or could go wrong, when in reality we honestly had no way of knowing. I don't think I regret that lie, it was more of a lie by omission , but it made them more secure in seeing me go off and away to surgery. Do my children know how sick I am now? No, and why, because I downplay it, again, A lie by omission. What would you do in my situation? I never know from day to day if by shielding them I am actually helping them or hurting them, and in the long run will they hate me for it or will they understand? I like to think they will understand.

Have you ever lied to someone Else's child? Well, yes, I believe I have. Could I name what it was or why I did it? No, probably not. I do know I have discouraged them by saying no, you can't go play with my 125 pound puppy because he will bite, because yes, that is a lie, he won't bite but he will jump or lick you to death but that is enough to terrorize a child, so if a new child is in my home, I refuse to let them play with my dog's because I don't want to be the one to leave them with a fear of animals, especially if it is a small child who may not finding being jumped on by a 125 pound puppy then licked to death very funny. Those lies protect not only the other person's child but they protect me as well.

So I really want to hear what you have to say, what are your feelings about lying to your children, other people's children and what are some of the Lie's your parents told you as a kid and did you ever repeat those lies to your children as well?

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