Rocco Originals Sunglasses Review & Giveaway!

6:44 AM

I have the most AMAZING sunglasses now that a girl could dream of. I was sent several pair of Rocco Originals original Sunglasses and Readers to try and I have fallen in love, it's like having a fashion show for my face!

These sunglasses are not the cheaply made only last one day throw away in a week kinda glasses, they are affordable, well made and come in some pretty trendy styles as well. I was amazed that for such little money, I could get some great sunglasses and readers that I would have to pay $40 or more more from anywhere else.

These are my favorite pair so far, I have not had a chance to wear them all except to try them on and check myself out in the Mirror ( yes, It was flattering) 

These floral Print sunglasses would really flatter any one's face and they are just perfect for Spring and will even transition in to Summer because the look will go with all the new trends.

My Second favorite pair are the ones you see below:

 I chose these in Red because I tend to wear a lot of red in the Summer and they will match anything with even the the tiniest bit or red in it, or heck, if you don't care if your sunglasses match you can wear them all day everyday. I personally wear sunglasses year around to protect my eyes because even the Winter Sun can be brutal on you.

I have always been a big fan of White Sunglasses, but it's hard to find any that are cute, affordable and not all cheap and plastic looking but I was sent a pair of Rocco Originals in White and I adore them, If I were to wear sunglasses to my wedding, I would wear these. 

 These polarized glasses come in four different colors and I can only wish I had all four colors because the clarity is amazing, I love having these polarized glasses .

They also have some pretty awesome and stylish reading glasses with all different clarity on them that you can pick up, and they are affordable and ...STYLISH...I love having style in my glasses that's for sure.

These in the picture are on my wish list, I love them! But Take a look around the website and see how many different styles, colors and overall products they carry.

Rocco Originals will be my go to place for Sunglasses for a long time. I could not imagine buying Sunglasses from any other company anymore. I love the Durability, the Price, the many different styles and the super quick shipping. 

Once you choose the glasses you want just add them to your cart and check out is super simple and you will have them on your doorstep in just a matter of days!

You also get a FREE case and Free Cleaning cloth with every single pair you order. I have my eye on 3 other pair right now as well.

So now that Spring and summer are up on us, why not spend your money on Sunglasses or Readers that you will love. They also have a pretty extensive line of Men's readers and Sunglasses as well.

Tell me in the comments which pair you like best because I am sending one lucky reader a pair of Rocco Originals to start their Summer off just right!

Disclosure: I was compensated with free product in exchange for a review,however, I was not required to post a review and all opinions are 100 % my own based solely on my own experience.

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