Social Media Drama....Not me, nope, never!

8:49 AM

You are guilty, Admit am I.

Social Media Drama, we have all been in the middle of it at some point since Social Media began ions ago, maybe it was myspace, or even Facebook, we acted like our children act.

There have been times when I have posted something, knowing I shouldn't because it would start a downward fallout, but I did it anyway, knowing the outcome. Have I eventually deleted it, yeah , sometimes, but others are still floating around in cyberspace for all to see if they really wanted to go back and look for it. 

I am also guilty of jumping in where I should not, defending someone or putting my opinion in where it truly doesn't belong. I can't help it, it's in my genes I think. I have an opinion about everything, it's just that most times I know to keep my opinions to myself, other times, I am just in that mood and decide to jump right in.

Recently I lost what I thought was a friend, turns out I doubt she never was and was using me in every way she could. I had been thinking that for awhile, but I don't actually know many people or hang out with many on a regular basis, so I hated to just up and kill the friendship but then one day something was said, and it came back to me, and I text her about it because she didn't answer her phone, and got no denial from the text or anything, so what did I do,  I brought my dirty laundry out on Facebook, and why? She was and still is on my friend's list. We don't talk, however we did say hello at the Grocery store last week. I relaly have no desire to rekindle that friendship but our kids were friends, it was brought up that maybe we should get together this week, and I said sure, but honestly, nope, don't want too, because I know I will say things that are better left behind, just as that so called friendship was better left behind. So why did I hold on to that Social Media connection and still hold on? Maybe it's because I miss what I thought our friendship was.
I brought it out and called her out on Facebook, she knew it was about her, she even text me saying thanks for at least not putting my name on the post. Yeah, I don't usually do that, but she knew it was about her. Have I ever received an apology for what she said to me to cause this friendship to come to an abrupt end? No, and it's doubtful I ever will, so in essence, I should move on, but I haven't.

We all say we dislike drama, and really and truly, I do, but when I hurt, I hurt and sometimes the drama queen in me comes out. I post things that may hurt someone's feelings, maybe meaningfully, maybe not, but is usually meant for one person. Someone who has done me wrong, or made me mad. It doesnt happen often, i can truly only think of 3 times in my Social Media Life that I have posted and started my own drama, but now, jumping in where I don't belong, that happens quiet often, i hate to see others hurt and I will hop right in and defend them, or say something truly genuine about them to hopefully make them feel better, because that is just who i am. 

So, yes, I am guilty and as much as you probably won't admit it, you are just as guilty as I am. Maybe you make a status, and it really isn'[t meant for anyone in particular but it causes someone to think you are talking about them, and they get hurt feelings and something is said on another page about what you posted and on down the food chain it goes, willingly or unwillingly, we have all started drama on social Media.

I bet some of you are shaking your head and saying, no, I have not done that, but you have, and maybe you really don't know about it or don't remember it, but something, at some point, that you have posted or said has hurt someone's feelings or caused a dramatic effect on social Media. Yes, drama is best left alone, we all know this, yet we continue to create and fuel the fire. 

Just yesterday I saw a status on Facebook, it was not about me, had no bearing on my or my well being or state of mind, but I know that for someone who read it, it hurt them, and they told someone else and in the end, the person who wrote the status was talked about and probably never knew what that one little status caused. It most likely was just a simple status not meant for anyone, but there will always be someone who thinks it is all abut them and gets in an uproar and the process of drama begins.

So  who is willing to admit they have started Drama or jumped in  on a conversation to defend someone when it really had nothing to do with them? Do you have any examples you are willing to share, any drama you will willingly admit too? let's hear it..Confession time!

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