Vera Bradley Purse Giveaway!

6:35 AM

I love Vera Bradley and after polling you all, found that you love it too, so I have a Vera Bradley Purse to give away this week. This contest will end on Monday April 28th at 9 pm and the winner will be announced on Tuesday April 29th,.

This purse was used for 2 days by me and I decided I liked my bigger ones better, so it is Brand new practically.

You have several ways that You can get entries.

Entry Method #1 - Comment on any of these post listed below for two entries per comment, you can comment on one or all of the ones I have listed ( or any other post ) Leave a comment on this post telling me how many times you if you comment 14 times today let me know, same for tomorrow, etc..each comment will count for 2 entries

Rocco Originals

Couples Costume

Falling For Bentley

Mom's Night Out

When the Lights Go Out

A Little White Lie

Marco's Pizza



Small Town Girl

Entry Method #2- Preorder #BillionaireUndone from iTunes for $3.99, let me know if you did in the comments below - This entry will give you 25 entries by itself!!!!!!

Entry Method #3- Free & Easy.....Join Beamly and follow me in my TV rooms, comment and engage with my comments...for each room you join and comment on MY  comment you get 2 entries ( this also enters you in to the Vera Bradley Wallet Giveaway as well)

Entry Method #4 - RSVP for the two twitter parties on the events page on FB , just go to our Facebook page, click on events and RSVP to one or both, 2 entries for each one you RSVP for

Entry Method #5- Share the Twitter parties or invite your friends, leave a comment each time you share, you get 5 entries for each time you share the twitter parties ( that is five for each party so if you share each party you get 10 total) You can share as much as you want on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, anywhere you can think of, just comment below and leave a link if you like

Entry Method #6 - Share this Giveaway on Facebook &*Twitter, 5 entries per share. So comment here each time you share i ton Facebook, twitter or anywhere.

Entry Method #7- Enter any other of our Giveaway, comment below with which ones you entered 

Entry Method #8- Visit Author Marie Astor and/or Author J.S. Scott on Facebook and tell them how excited you are for the Twitter party

Entry Method #9- Follow me on Instagram and/or Pinterest, leave a comment with your Instagram/Pinterest name below

Entry Method #10- This one Counts for 25 extra entries....Do all of the above ( except the itunes preorder, if you do the preoder as well you get 25 entries already)

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