Cyber Bullying...It does not just happen to kids...Part 1

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 Cyber Bullying Part One:

Many times over the past couple of years we have heard of kids being bullied on the Internet. However, what you usually don't hear about it adults who are also bullied and end up walking away from a situation or from doing something they enjoy because of Cyber Bullies. Cyber bullies come in all forms, they could be people who look all sweet and innocent, they could simply be sore losers or they could truly enjoy terrorizing others. What you will read below will tell stories about all of those situations and what to do if this happens to you, not just on twitter but on any social media platforms.

Cyber Bullying is no longer just kids, and we need to take a stand to prevent this with Adults and kids alike. Most adults handle things in a different way than kids would, some simply get frustrated and give up, some get mad, some ignore them and others quit doing stuff they enjoy.

No names will be mentioned in my article, however, I have spoken with and interviewed 27 people (and am still getting messages about 4 per hour that all deal with almost all the same group of people )on Twitter to get their personal take who have been bullied on Twitter by a group of people. Guess what? I was one of those people, therefore, I choose to write this article after so many others came forward and told me story after story that had happened to them from the same people. I was simply amazed.

Twitter has become more popular over the past year, especially with twitter parties which offer great prizes and slowly lure you in with the thought of winning a prize. It got me, I am addicted. The thrill of winning is so exciting! I do on average about 20 parties a week and host several parties per month as well.

However, the more you win or the bigger the prize , the more likely you are to have a group of people or even one person, start terrorizing you. They will make stuff up, they will make fake accounts just to say mean things about you, they will talk via Direct Message about you and devise a plan to try to get you to stop doing parties. Why? The odds of them winning keep going down when more people do parties. As a host, if they don't win, they will say your parties are rigged.

How can this happen and do you act on those remarks they make? Sadly, I fell in the trap, got my feelings hurt and reacted and fought back. Wrong move, what you do is ignore them and report them. The more people who report a Cyber bully, the better the chances are that they will be removed from the cyber world, at least under that name. NO guarantee they won't come back under another name. It happens more than you know.

People can pretend to be anyone they want to be on the internet. Some even reinvent themselves as an entire new person, give you a few true details just enough to make you believe them, when in reality, they are so far from the truth, but you are sucked in to who you think they are already.

One reason I love writing on my blog, is because I don't mind putting my story or my life out there. Part of being a blogger is showing your true self. I can sit here and do reviews all day and you will never know anything about me, or I can show you who I am , give you a glimpse in to my life and hope to make friends for life through my work. I have been blessed with my writing, an award I never dreamed possible, friends I have met in person, friendships that though we may never meet, I will always  hold close to my heart. However, back to the subject at hand.

Once I was "attacked" on twitter when several people did not win at one of my parties. I started doing some digging and found out how often this happens, and amazingly enough ,many people came forward who has been attached by the same group of people. I am not using names for privacy sake even though many victims of this bullying have  given me permission, I chose to keep it all anonymous due to the fact that I have taken all  materials and turned them over to the proper Federal Agency who will be looking in to it.

Here is one Ladies story:

I won two prizes in the same week, they were close to the same prize, both high value at around $500. As soon as I won the first one, a group of five people starting saying I cheated, harassing me, saying things to make me look bad. making fun of my answers in other parties I did, calling me names and basically saying I cheated, but if they are saying I cheated is that not also saying the host cheated? The host was a well known Twitter host, who is known for fair parties, where these girls have won a few times but never anything this big. I started getting mean tweets mentioning me from accounts that had been made that day or previously made and when I looked back at those accounts, the only tweets on them were tweets bashing Party host or Party winners. The only thing they didn't do was call the host out by name, because that would have made them look bad to the host at her next party. A few days later I won another prize almost identical and the bullying increased to the point I almost stopped doing parties. I did however screen shot all of it and report the people involved and was fortunate to get someone to run ip addresses associated with all the tweets to also run against the IP addresses of the first people who started the bullying and we hit upon 3 matches. Which meant from 11 different profiles, they all came from 5 IP addresses, which has been documented and sent to Twitter. When I saw what was happening to you from the same group, I knew I had to tell you my story and hope that you could no let them bother you like that, they did go farther with you than they did me, but in the end, it was the same people and I was able to have my same guy run IP addresses and again, same results, the bullies who bullied me are the same as the ones who are bullying you.This all happened over this past week.

Imagine that someone spends 12 hours a day tweeting, wins thousands in prizes, then ,in turn sells them, nothing illegal there, unless, what if that same person was using 4 accounts to tweet at different parties sometimes more than 1 account at the same party to up the chances and using different versions of their name when they win?  Yes, this is happening, with several people in fact.

Would you think about recently in the past 2 years, get out of prison for Felony Charges such as Fraud, trespassing and more, using fraudulent credit cards, etc. Then you come on twitter, which unlike Facebook, you can be anyone you want. You make a few accounts, you proclaim how much you do this or do that, you are at every party out there, you win several times a week, all using a persona that is not the real you. You can make people think you are anything you want them to think. Then, if someone says something to you, or you see someone win a big prize and it is not you, you can act like the victim in the situation and call in your other so called party posse friends.

This happens everyday on twitter and yes even on Facebook, Adults get bullied too. Over the past 2 weeks I have had 6 people using 14 different accounts, but all going back to 6 IP addresses, saying mean things, accusing me of things, trying to ruin my name on twitter. So I chose to fight back, not only by making others aware of the Cyber bullying and how to get it to stop but by taking everything to the proper authorities who are now handling the situation.

Twitter parties are all the rage now, they are more popular than Facebook giveaways and  you have a much better chance of winning , the odds are always in your favor. The prizes sometimes small, others large, they all add up and you can get sucked in and actually win very nice things for you and your family. I think everyone should learn to do Twitter parties, but at the same time, everyone should be aware of the Cyber bullying that goes on with them and how to handle and defuse the situation. I love Twitter parties, and will continue not only to do them but to host them, because I love participating and everyone loves to win. I also love to host because it's fun and exciting and yes, I am good at it, so I have no plans to stop what I am doing simply because a few cyber bullies  decided to make a fake account and tell me I needed to reconsider hosting parties. Here is a snippet, the guy has only tweeted a few tweets, all towards me and accusing me of things. His IP address actually goes directly back to one of the 6 that have decided to bully me on Twitter .

You can make more than one account, and unlike Facebook sweeps, you can tweet as much as you want in a party with 2-3 different persona's, portraying a different person each time. You don't put your real name on twitter, that isn't necessary as long as when you win a prize you provide your name and address, sometimes simply an email. So if you know a party will be sending ecards as prizes, you tweet using 2-3 of your twitter names all with different emails, which makes your chances even bigger. Then you win at that same party under 2 different names, so you simply give the host your real name on one and another name on another and use two different email addresses.How do I know this? I caught it happening and yes, that has been reported and will be acted upon.

I have spent the past 13 days doing research, gathering my evidence , screen shooting tweets before they get erased.  Cyber Bullying and cheating is alive and going on Twitter.  However, I truly hope that no one let's a cyber bully prevent them from joining a twitter party or even hosting a party if you are a blogger and think you want to do it. All of my research turned up 6 people who are tweeting under a total of 31 different accounts, who have won in the past 36 days over $9000 in prizes between them.
Many host, like myself, have found ways to prevent cheating. Sofabchats is an amazing place to start if you want to do Twitter parties and one of the most honest Twitter party collective in Twitter world. They have a great Tweet grid set up for you to use and it is a perfect place to start learning how to do an actual twitter party where you have a very fair chance of winning. Another couple of great host are ResourcefulMom, BlogHer chats, and myself of course :) and I would be happy to point you in the right direction for more great host as we list parties daily on our page usually by 10 am EST.

Don't get me wrong, people can change, some people do change. However, in the case of Cyber bullying, I have found that these people won't change because they are who they are and if they are not winning , they will attack you after you get a few wins that they wanted. My advice: Screen shot it, contact not only twitter but The Federal Trade Commission as well, because all parties must abide by those rules. If you think someone is cheating, gather your evidence and report them, if they are bullying you even in the least, report them to twitter ASAP, the more people who stand up for themselves and ignore the bullies and simply report them, will make an impact on how twitter handles the situation. In my case, I gathered 27 pages of evidence which was sent to twitter as well as the FTC and another Federal Agency for investigation. If you have clear and precise evidence of cheating, you can go directly to the party host and make them aware, however, I have chosen not to go that route, as I see many host are chummy with a few of these people.

Personally, I do not think any host are aware of the cheating and bullying that goes on after the party ends. That is why I have decided to make them aware, hence this post. As I said earlier, all names of victims and bullies are confidential due to a now on going investigation in to this matter by several agencies.

If the bullying continues,and I expect it will escalate after this. I will update you with actual names, former arrest records, and everything I have.  As any good writer would do, they make sure they have all the facts before they start making accusations by name.

This is the first of a series I will be writing. I am sure to get a lot of negativity as well as a lot of support. I expect the negativity and I expect the bullying on twitter to get worse once this post is live. Again, I will simply gather screen shots and evidence and keep sending it to the agencies now involved.

Imagine a ring of theft.....because that is what this evidence has come down too, however, that will not be my call obviously it has been turned over now to the people who will investigate and have assured me that they are already looking in to it and have made some connections so far. I am sure they will not share everything they find with me, however, I will share everything I find with you, my readers.

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