How to do Twitter Parties

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Twitter parties have become the new big thing and I have had many people ask me how do I do a twitter party so I decided to write it up for you in hopes of seeing you at the twitter parties I am going to be doing

Usually a Twitter Party will consist of following the host and sponsor and possibly a few co-host. For example, if I am the host you would go to twitter and follow me @mizvanilla...and if you were attending my Party for Marie Astor on Monday you would also go to the page with the hashtag (#) a newbie you would want to keep both of those pages open.  That way you can see my questions as well as all the answers and such, do not let the fast moving feed scare you off, concentrate on what questions that I am asking.

I would or any other host would start the party off by either telling you the rules or giving you a link to make sure you have RSVP's for the party , that link will usually tell you what the prizes are , let you RSVP and tell you who you need to follow. Chances are, you have made it to that page before you even started the twitter party, but the host page of the party is always a good reference to look back at, but I would not keep that page open, just make sure you read through it.

As the Twitter Party begins your host such as myself may ask you to introduce yourself or may just tell you about the Sponsor of the party and why they are holding the twitter party. Some host may just jump right in to the questions which usually will start with Q1:...when you see the host ask should hit reply to that question ( you can find it in the same post right under the question) and answer starting your answer off with either Q1 or A1 and then your answer and make sure to add the hashtag at the end of your answer so that the host can see it. The best way to do this is to copy the hashtag at the beginning of the party and after each time you answer just click paste at the end so you do not have to keep writing the hashtag out. Every Twitter Party will have a hashtag with looks something like this #SearingLies....with what ever the party hashtag they are using is.

Sometimes you have a few minutes between questions and you can look on the page you have opened with the hashtag and see what others are answering , you may even want to rewteet the host question by hitting the retweet button ( play around on twitter a bit and rewtweet a few tweets prior to a party so you are familiar with where the retweet button , reply button and such is, it is always on the same box as the question or tweet. If you are comfortable you can even interact with others in the party and reply to the answers they give ( make sure to hashtag at the end if you do) , this will show the host you are interacting.

Do not expect the host to see your every answer, that will not happen unless you have a very slow party. Twitter parties are fast moving, but even if the host does to see your answer does not mean you will not win, most all twitter parties put all the RSVP's  in to random and draw winners that way, and once a winner is drawn they will check to make sure that person is there an participating then they will announce the winner and you will have a few minutes to tweet to the host or whomever they have designated to ask how to claim your prize.

The main thing is, do not get flustered and start with only one party at a time, as I stated above, some parties will even have twetdeck or a grid set u for you to make it easier on you, if they do especially SOFabChats, I would use that because it will help you to get the full picture and you can pace yourself.

Twitter parties are not hard , yet not easy, just watch the questions the host ask which can be anywhere from 5 questions to 15 questions and make sure you answer those questions, If you cannot interact other than that, do not worry about it, the host is going to look for those who participate by answering the questions.

If you have any questions on Twitter parties that I have not covered, please post them below and I will answer every question posted.

A great party to start with will be the #SearingLies Party On Monday May 5th which you can RSVP for here ( sometimes parties give out prizes for those who RSVP which is the case for #SearingLies) You will find an abundance of parties Monday through Friday usually starting around noon EST up until 10 pm EST and most often no parties on the weekend, except every once in awhile.

Please put you questions below and I will answer them within 24 hours ( simply click the box to get an update if someone replies to your question that way you can come right back and see your answer to the question you ask)


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