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Okay, it's no secret that even on my sickest days, I love to travel. we have been considering purchasing a time share for awhile now just because of the vast amount of travel we do for fun and for Blogging.

Traveling with kids is never a walk in the park, but we do take out kids with us 8 out of 10 trips be it far from home or just a short staycation within a few hours from home.

Starting last July after I got sick, I made it my mission to travel as much nd as often as finances would allow. we have stayed in luxury hotels, rented time shar4es, All inclusive resorts and yes, we are soon to be taking a cruise with out kids and my Mom.

In July of last year  we stayed close to home because of my Brain surgery coming up and traveled to Wilderness of the Smokies for a 3 night stay with the kids, a few weeks later we spend the night in Pigeon Forge and took the kids to Dollywood.

Shortly after that two months in a row we traveled to Fort Benning, GA for my son's family weekend and Infantry Graduation, where we stayed in Hilton properties which were nice.

In November of 2013 we traveled to NYC for a blogging event for the Activision Summit, where we were also treated to a first class tour of the new Building where the twin Towers once stood, attended at tech convention and then spend two days exploring NYC when my son came up from D.C. to see us.

It didn't end there, in December, the day after Christmas, we loaded up the kids and took a 4 day trip to Washington, D.C. where we had a blast exploring all the monuments, the White House, Arlington, Joint Base Fort Meyer , the Pentagon and so many other places. Not only did we have a wonderful time, the kids had lessons in History from visiting all of these amazing landmarks as well as all of the Smithsonian museums as well.

Just after this, I promised Chris we would take a break, until I was invited in February back to the wilderness of the Smokies for a 2 night 3 day stay for our entire family to blog about the indoor water park facilities they had for winter months, how could I refuse that. The kids, Myself & Chris all had an amazing time just as we did in our previous travels.

You see how much I love to travel and blog about my travel adventures, but once again, I promised chris, no more travels until June when we had booked a 5 day Bahamas cruise with the entire family, which is coming up I may add and we are all super excited.

However, yet another great opportunity presented itself, when in March Resorts Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City invited us up for a couple of days to explore their resort and property , which even had Chris excited because New jersey was one state we had only driven through and not had much of a chance to explore. Resorts was truly awesome, the property itself was amazing with decor you would not believe, amazing employee's and even a chilled bottle of champagne and a cake for us in out room when we arrived. we spend most of our time exploring the property of resorts as it was out of this world and everyone was so nice, but we also took time to explore the other Hotels around us, the Boardwalk and a few sights along the way. I admit, it was freezing walking outsie and around the city but well worth it just to have this opportunity to explore.

After that trip, we found that we had visited 12 states in less than 90 days, some with kids, some without. Needless to say, I doubt traveling will ever get old too me. I am super excited to take the cruise with my family in a couple weeks and et ready to travel to san Jose for the amazing BlogHer next month as well.

The reason for nmy post, as you can find parts of all my travels throughout the blog is to get you excited about traveling this Summer, fall, even winter and Spring Travel does to have to be expensive. There are so many ways you can cut cost and save a little extra money and take amazing vacations, hence the reasons we have been  considering a time share. We have read about a few but have never actually taken a tour of any time share other than one in  Vegas a couple years ago where we were to convinced that a time share was right for us.

I have lots of travel post planned for you all, from traveling with kids and keeping them occupied to how to have  fun on a budget all over the U.S. I would love to hear your thoughts as well as what you would like to see me write about Travel related that I can help you with and research for you. everyone deserves a vacation even if only for a few let's hear it.....

I expect we will be doing our fair share of travel the remaining part of the yea as well, as I attend BlogHer in San Jose next month, Orlando for a convention in August, Bloggycon in Sept in Ohio and who knows what all I can fit in to the bare spots. I am a traveler through and though. I have to say, The Hoover Dam and Grand canyon has been on the top of my favorites as has Gulf Breeze, Fl where the beaches were relaxing, uncrowded and simply amazing.

I think I could write all day just about travel and ways to travel with kids and keep them occupied and having fun while you, as adults enjoy yourself as well. I can't wait to tel you all about our Family cruise and look forward to my next opportunity to Blog about whatever trip gets thrown my way next. I know we have several day trips planned within a couple hours from home for the kids & I this summer. 

So, seeing as how we travel so much, for those of you who have time shares, is this our best option? What properties would you recommend we visit before making a decision? I have heard great things about Wyndham and wold love to visit and stay in one of their properties. Do I simply keep staying at hotels and racking up points and searching for days for the perfect Hotel?

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