7k Fan Giveaway #1 Celebration!

6:00 PM

 7K Celebration!

This giveaway is to celebrate our 7K fans, it will be the first of 7 giveaway this week

This giveaway is for a $50 Amazon card!

I would like to say a huge Thank you to our fans, especially the ones who have been around since day one. I may only have 7 k fans but all of you have come here for one reason or another, and I have not done the larger giveaways with other blogs to drive in traffic, I have worked hard, as have my 2 helpers Sarah & Sherry to get us where we are based on merit and content alone, so for that I say Thank you from the bottom of my hear to each and every one of you. 

All Giveaways will run for 7 days starting with the 1st day I post them, and there will be 7 giveaways. This one is actually really simple!

Enter via the rafflecopter below

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