Alien Invasion: Tweens & periods Par one

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 Alien Invasion!

WOW would be my first words on this post. Not many times have I been as frustrated and just in general , overall at a loss.

Several years ago ( almost 8) I had to explain the process and reason for  a girl getting her cycle to my then 10 year old daughter who is mentally disabled. IT was not fun and it took so much explaining, no matter how many time I had talked to her about it, with her mental disability, it was very hard to explain and get her to follow the overall rules of how to handle it, what to wear, how to stay prepared. Honestly, Myself, and her teachers still have to help her and remind her quiet often, and the poor girl has bad pain but refuses to swallow a dill, the shot did not help any, so we just pray for the best and buy Children's Tylenol and give her the dose the Doctor suggest for her size.  That being said, she basically does okay with it over comes part 2...

MY now 12 year old is about to start, I am not 100 % certain in a medical way, but in a mom knows way, it is about to happen, I have talked to her, prepared her and tomorrow I will be buying what she will need because I just know that day is about to come...and bring a storm with it.

I admit, I have been dense, even knowing it would happen soon,  over the past couple of weeks, I simply put it down to her taking the attitude of a friend or two and being a brat. We have taken games away, ipods away, TV away, sleepovers away and more, and we still see emotional breakdowns, no improvement in her's like living in Texas chainsaw massacre around here just waiting for the chainsaw to start any minute.

Then yesterday it finally dawned on me and I told her Dad, you know's coming and wow are we in for in. Go ahead and make fun, tell me I am being overly's real and it's coming. He didn't believe me, but I had to point out, duh she just turned 12, she is big for hr age ( as in tall) , she is getting the pimples, she is had to start wearing a sports bra...yep I am spot on. He thinks it isn't going to be that bad, and thinks she is just being this way because of a letter/card she received from her other mom. Veering off subject, I am proud to be her Mom, but I look back and think Holy smokes, this is one of those times I wish her real mom were around to help should some of my burden here, because we are surrounded by men.

How about waking up and having a meltdown ( age 12 remind you) that only enough cereal in that particular box did not have enough to fill her huge ( we are talking football player size cereal bowl) yet an exact box of the same cereal sat unopened right beside of her bowl, but she had a meltdown because  the boys had devoured the other box she brought out just 24 hours prior, which she pointed out that is twas actually not quiet 24 hours because she had gotten up earlier today than yesterday. full blown, tears, feet stomping, whiny, complain and nothing was good enough for her...strike one started off when she woke up...take the bowl you have and eat what is in it, if you finish it, let's open up the new box...she didn't finish it, yet she said it was because it was the fact the boys probably had their hands in the box all night...really?

Dare you to say she likes something she has eaten and loved for years, because according to her she did not just use half a bottle of Parmesan cheese with dinner the other night because she no longer likes it because someone put it in the pantry instead of the fridge and she overheard e say I was checking it for, she won't be eating that, no matter, she says, she doesn't eat or like it anyway, so when Meagan and her brother said we just got mad because you used half a bottle yesterday on your food...nope, wasn't her, was her evil twin I guess.

How about you do those chores of your tonight Cassie since everyone else is busy doing their chores? No, I'm waiting, I need the broom, no Cassie, go do your bedroom & vacuum while you wait, hmmm, nah she sits down with her ipod and continues to text a friend begging her friend to text me to spend the night , I mean I had only said no 30 times n two days....what is one more no right? except that conversation continued for half an hour to another emotional breakdown, her chores half done and an early bedtime.

Yep, she still has not let's see what else happens, what can I do as a parent, who normally can handle it all as with 7 kids I have figured the rest would be easy or easier since 3 had already graduated, two others are graduating this upcoming year, how much chaos can a 12 year old girl create anyway. Oh it gets better...

I sit here debating, do I take her to the Dr and beg for Prozac for myself , do I grab a beer and hope to tune her out. Can you really believe she has said Daddy 112 times n less than 2 hours, has she not turned the trash can upside down and dumped it in the sink while her brother is working on rinsing dishes to put in the dishwasher...but the trashcan had wet stuff in the bottom, the outside would not work to get rid of it. 

So I calmly decide, let's have another talk about how you may be cranky & emotional but how it is unacceptable....or not! The or not comes when she & her 14 year old brother  ends up in bed at 7 pm tonight right after chores with all video games, electronic devices & TV gone... books are great for summer reading.

So off I go to my computer, is this behavior normal, what do I do and how do I stop it, I can't take anymore, what happens if she starts while I am in California next I lock her school clothing & good clothing away while i am gone so that I can easily not worry about that-one the closet & drawers I go, not going to ruin perfectly good clothing just because I am taking a the meantime....I keep dreaming of Prozac.  OH NO, Wikipedia says this behavior can be common, but no where do I read how they turn in to children which

What have you done to my child...if possession id 3./4 of the law can, which means the currently have possession of her  she simply resides with us so,  the aliens simply need to  take her and return  her when she gets out of the teenage years ans send pictures a long from time to time, after all, I know they are behind this hostility, brattiness, sheer tenacity to make sure everyone around her is miserable at some point, or should I simply sit back and water her emotional breakdown because she could not get hr password right and things Meagan changed it on purpose before she went to see her dad for the day...oh wait, after that total meltdown where those aliens invaded her space, she was typing in her email wrong...whew, those aliens dodged my bullet there.

Okay I am kidding about letting the Aliens take her, we will cross that bridge only if things do not soon and ring the real Cassie back.

Has this happened to you, did those Aliens take your children away and replace them with children who have started menstruation or are about to, or children who have entered the teenage years and no longer need heir parents because they know it all, or can't bother to follow simple directions no matter how many times you give them to them, even writing out step by step for them the exact same chore they have been doing for 12 years...go figure
So here I am, almost midnight, waiting for the aliens to rare their heads and take over again before I can get to sleep, I mean after all , they have been showing up day and night and taking over her composure at any given hour.

NO kids, we can't send you back with the Aliens, they would just sent you back to us when they see what they have created we don't mind, we won't love you any less, we will try to be understanding, just be prepared for those days of time outs, early bedtimes, secrets talks as I guide you through this step by step and fill you up with inf and miadol and pray for our safety.

I know you my readers have been through this as have I, but this one, wow , she is really testing us all,  I welcome your instruction on how to rid my 12 year old of the Aliens who have taken over....

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