An Update about my Health for those who have ask

5:32 PM

I have had so many of you inquire about my Health lately, and although it has been a battle I wasn't sure anyone cared to hear about, I decided to give you all an update, since you have all ask.

It's still an ongoing battle, Dr.'s cannot find the reason behind the tumors and other issues I have been dealing with. Days I cannot even get up out of bed for awhile because I hurt so bad, but I eventually get up and get the day started.

Most of you would pass me on the street and not know anything was wrong, then on your pass back through you may see me holding my head of my left side and crying uncontrollably. I never know how I am going to feel from one moment to the next.

I hope that someday soon, there will be a Dr out there who can find out the cause of all my issues and why I continue to get worse. As much as I would love to say I am getting better everyday, I am deteriorating more and more to the point that eating  although a necessity, I cannot keep anything down, yet I continue to gain weight.

Just week before last I went in for a couple of procedures which they could not even finish because on the EGD it showed a clump of food stuck in my lining in which the Dr unsuccessfully tried to break up, so Thursday of this week, I will go in for more testing and a procedure to try and break up the food so food can pass through easier without me throwing it back up. I have a spot right below my left rib cage and breast bone on the left side that is so painful it runs through to the back and it is continuous, Thursday when I go in to the Dr for these trest, we are hopeful they can find the source of the pain.

I also still have 5 Hemangiomas/Tumors on my spine. One is fairly large and cannot be removed and continues to press on my spinal cord which may or may not be causing fluid build up and the headaches, again, until all these test are completed on Thursday, it's a who knows situation.

The last CT of my chest showed one large mass and 21 smaller masses, again Thursday, another scan will be done to see if anything has grown enough to biopsy or if any others have shown up, along with those test I will have a total Bone scan and a PET scan and 4 other test that day , and until then all I can do is pray.

So as for an update, I really don't have one. I am coming up on my one year anniversary of my Brain Tumor removal and we will celebrate that day because the Dr told my Mom & Chris that I may or may not make it thorough that surgery and if I did, I would most likely be a different person, I think the Dr discounted how determined I am and how much I will continue to push forward. They say 5 years is the magic number, but I consider each day a magic number as I wake up, I am alive and I can spend yet another day with those I love and writing here, which is my passion.

For those of you going through life threatening/unknown or major illness, Never ever give up. I am living proof that you can get through another day, just keep fighting.

The day may come when I have no fight left in me, and I have days when being positive takes every bit of energy I can muster up, but until the day comes that I can no longer wake up and breathe the air god gave me, I will keep pushing forward, praying for answers and hoping against hope for a cure.

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