My Delta Plane ride from hell....

5:29 PM

Super excited to be headed out to attend Bloger14 in San Jose, the trip started out amazing, woke up early, had my coffee and go to the airport with plenty of time to spare, curbside check in on my luggage, a breeze through security and i was on my way to my first layover in Atlanta. The plane ride to Atlanta was non descriptive, very cramped with no leg room and totally full, no big deal, it was a tiny plane and I had expected that based on choosing my seat and saw it only held a few ( as in less than 40 people ) ...The Flight attendants, were not rude, but neither were they friendly, basically they were just there, not excited to do their job but did what they were suppose to do.

Enter Atlanta, where on previous trips has been a disaster to navigate but seeing as how I have traveled so much I now new the Atlanta Airport system and easily enough made my way to the gate with an hour to kill in which I picked up some Starbucks, grabbed a croissant for breakfast and waited out my time. Again, no one was overly friendly, but neither were they rude....until we boarded the plane from Atlanta to LAX ( Los Angele's). Now, here is where the first part of my story gets to be fun.

After cramming myself into the tiny seat with another person ( I had ask to upgrade to Economy Plus and agreed to pay the fee or even to First class only to be told it was wasn't and I was not upgraded even after telling them I would gladly pay the price, because 5 hours cramped in a small seat was just a disaster waiting to happen with my Health issues and having no room to move around to keep the pain at bay) No big deal, I was fine, I had prepaid for priority boarding which was a joke as they boarded 1, 2 & 3 at the same time, so I wasted that money plus paying for gogo inflight Internet which was suppose to work from Atlanta to SJC on the plane and at the airport..I had my handy dandy gogo password and receipt and easily logged on once we got in the Air in Atlanta with my password. Sure, it was a little slow, but I was able to try to do a few things, but basically reading email was as much as I could get out of the $18 I paid for Internet.

Here comes Flight attendant #1, would you like a drink or a snack she ask, I took a coke and a snack, , simple enough of a transaction I would say. Again, not friendly but not rude either. Then flight attendant #2 comes along, would you like to purchase lunch? Sure I replied and proceeded to give her my order, she takes my card, scans it, and basically throws my food down on my tray. Putting away my tablet, I proceed to unwrap my what was suppose to be a Turkey Sandwich but was actually a turkey wrap swimming in mayo or some equally disgusting something. I calmly flagged down said attendant #2 and told her this was not what I ordered, then she rudely explained they do not have the turkey for lunch only at breakfast so she gave me the wrap instead, I explained that I would not eat the wrap and would like a refund, no, nope, no way, you purchased it, you either eat it or trash it, we don't take to back ( I had at this point simply unwrapped the wrap and not touched it) Then she simply walked away without another word. I attempted a couple of bites of said wrap to discover it was not fresh by any means, and I just could not stomach all the gunk they had slapped on it. $14 down the drain and a rude flight attendant later, I discarded it when they came around for trash. Said #2 flight attendant gave me a dirty look as I threw the wrap in her trash bag and said maybe I should read what the menu says better next time.  No apologies, no anything except a bad attitude.

So I turned on a movie, paid my $6 to watch it, yet the movie kept going in and out and eventually I gave up and tried to sleep, even though it was an easy 85 degrees in the cabin I tried to turn the air on me only for my 2 other seat mates to complain it was too cold, so I was ask to turn my air off , so sweating on the airplane, I once again took to my e-reader to try to read, while the lady next to me had her movie turned up so loud it was blasting through her headphones. okay really, give me a break here. I was never so glad to see a plane land as I was that one.

Plane lands in LA where I was suppose to have a one hour 30 min layover, which along the lines had been changed to a 4 hour layover without my knowledge, can I get on the said 1 pm plane I ask? The attendant looked says their is room, makes a call and is told no, they can't get me on my original flight unless I want to pay $200, also I sit at LAX for  4 required hours, which turned in to 6.5 hours due to delays & such, finally arriving in San Jose at & 7:30 pm there time which is 10:30 pm my time, meaning from the time I arrived at the first Airport to the last, was 15 hours. ...Finally, arrived at my hotel, which was a quick and easy check in and the next few days was pure bliss and exhaustion as I attended BlogHer, received my Voices of the year award  and in general met many new friends, bloggers and made connections with new bands.

Skip ahead to Sunday July 27th....I arrived at the San Jose Airport 2.5 hours early, checked 3 bags and had my carry on, one bag was 2 pounds over so they wanted to charge me $200, took all 3 bags, redistributed weight until I had an even enough weight to not pay any extra, keeping in mind, those 3 bags had already cost me $185 to check even though when I inquired I was told my first bag was $25, second and beyond was $35 each...ummm nope, 3rd bag was $125 , 4th was $ thank you on the 4th so I ended up giving a ton of stuff away and only checking 3 bags.

Time to board the plane came and went, 37 minutes later I boarded the plane for lax, which if all went well would give me 25 minutes to make my connecting flight from LAX to Atlanta, nope, yet more delays on the runway which gave me exactly 19 minutes to get to my next gate which was in a different terminal, going as fast as I could, with my Health condition I made it to the gate with 11 minutes before take of only to be told ( this was while standing in line watching 3 people from my flight get checked in, that I could not board, the door was closing ( said door could be seen from where I was and it was not closed) while Gate attendant explained they had already given my seat to another standby customer therefore no room on the plane ( kinda felt like the no room at the Inn story at this point , and I was told to go back to the original concourse and speak to an agent to get booked for the 1:25 flight so I could catch my connecting flight in Atlanta back to Knoxville.

So here I go traipsing back to the original concourse, where I am told the 1:25 pm was overbooked by 12 people already and no way could I get on do you overbook by 12 people I may ask? oh  but they could get me on the 2:45 plane which put me in Atlanta 6 minutes after the last flight to Knoxville and I could sleep in the Airport because they no longer give out hotel or food vouchers, after all, it was not their fault my plane was late..umm hello , yes, it clearly was, yet they blamed it on Air traffic Control  the first time, mechanical issues the 2nd time  then at the end said they had no idea why the delay once again, no room at the Inn for me, and I was destined to spend the night at the Atlanta Airport where said Airport had all closed down any food establishments at 10 pm ( yes, 10 minutes before I was to arrive but at my own expense I was welcome to get a hotel room and grab some food outside of the Airport.

Granted at this pint, the tears were freely flowing, I was a very upset mess and was told oh well. So I sit down, called Customer service where not only was the rep rude, I ask to speak to a supervisor who explained that it didn't say why the flight was delayed therefore they would not supply me with a hotel voucher and I would simply have to wait and catch the 10 am flight out of Atlanta to Knoxville..gee 12 hours in an Airport, how fun. Not to mention with my Health Conditions, no way could I sit in an Airport for 12 hours with no food, no toothbrush or toiletries ( those were already at the Knoxville Airport BTW) I did happen to have a dirty dress and jacket in my carry on luggage I could change in to . Nervous breakdown time, once again calling customer care and begging, without luck and treated like a POS to be honest....I finally text Chris and then called him explaining everything, and as soon as my flight left LA he started the 4 hour trip to Atlanta to pick me up so I would not be stuck at the Airport, where we arrived home around 3 am this morning. All the while calling Knoxville to see if I could pick up my bags only to be told, they were locked in the delta office and I would have to drive back today and get them, which is 35 minutes from home, so another hour and ten minutes today driving to pick up said luggage, only to get there and see 2 of my brand new bags I had purchased in San Jose were trashed with the bags ripped, handles torn off, wheels broken, zippers ripped, stuff missing, clothing ripped and makeup all broken , the lady there at Delta proceeded to explain they would not cover that or any of those damages and she refused to make a report....once again crying as I left the Airport. I called Customer service where I was told they would compensate me with 15, 000 miles ( which is basically $100 off a ticket) or a $150 Amazon card. Yet,everyone else was offered a free round trip ticket good for one year, yet after all I had been through this was all they offered me, and I have to say I honestly kept my cool throughout the entire ordeal being nice, explaining to the lady my medical conditions, etc and why I needed to get home, supposedly she checked other Airlines for another flight that would get me home without any luck. Unfortunately I should have checked myself as both United and American had seats that would have flown me in to Knoxville the agent once again lied to me on that. when I ask to speak to a higher supervisor I was told no one would come to the phone but they would put me on a call list to be called back from the escalations department within 48 hours.

So here I sit, finally at home, going through my torn and ripped luggage, seeing all the torn clothing, broken makeup, trashed items I had brought back and my brand new luggage purchased only one day before that can not be repaired in any way, shape or form. No one has called me back, and the Facebook messages get deleted as soon as they are posted,the tweets are answered but only to give me the number that I have already called 7 times.

Although I received a email from baggage claim asking me to list each item including each item of makeup and the value to replace it within 2 hours and to also email a copy of my receipt where I purchased the luggage ( thankfully I kept it) and that they would work my claim and it could take up to 4 weeks to get the damaged luggage and goods sorted out.

As for the Trip from hell with Delta, I have not heard back from anyone, and have filed a BBB complaint as well as a complaint with the Department of transportation. I refuse to withdraw those complaints until we can reach a solution to this issue. what they are offering would not even cover the cost of a one way ticket from Atlanta to Knoxville, not to mention the gas it took to drive 8 hours round trip to get me home.

So the moral to this story is, after reading this happens often with Delta ,is that Delta is an Airline you should avoid at all cost. Fly a more reputable Airline that treats their customers with respect, allows you to check at least one bag for free and does not charge you the cost to have a baby just to ship your luggage home.

In the meantime, this is not even the entire story as I skipped many issues and problems that I had with flying Delta just to make it a bit shorter. I will keep you, my readers up to date on my experience with Delta and what they decide to do about it , in the meantime, if you have a trip scheduled with Delta, do everything you can to get that trip refunded and fly another Airline. You have been forewarned, Delta does not care about it's customers, and the fact that I am having to take drastic measures to get something done is asinine.

Delta Airlines is not an Airline you want to fly, nor give your business to in any way. I am sure many of you have flown Delta with no issues, as I have before, but, this trip and the way I was treated clearly shows delta Airlines has no problem cheating their customers, does not care how they handle your luggage, and in the end, will only work with you if you volunteer to give up your flight because they constantly overbook.

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