Butterball: It's more than Thanksgiving!

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When you think of butterball, I bet your first thought is Thanksgiving Turkey, right?

No longer! Butterball has some amazing other products that you all need to hear about because not only will it make School lunches or even picnics more awesome, it can be great for breakfast or dinner as well.

My kids love Turkey Bacon , however, on that note , they are very picky and will only eat, you guessed it Butterball Turkey bacon. So on the few mornings that I actually make a hot breakfast, they insist on Butterball Bacon, so I never want to disappoint. Also, Butterball Turkey Bacon can usually be found much cheaper than regular bacon and more filling.

Butterball also makes a great selection of Turkey Burgers, either Frozen or Fresh that is much healthier than Ground Beef and could be found in either the fresh Meat isle of the frozen foods isle.Personally, I do not eat red meat so I have found Turkey burgers to be a great source of nutrition for me as opposed to the same ole Veggie Burgers or not eating the same thing my family eats. I can grab a couple of packs of fresh Butterball Turkey Burgers, throw them on the grill and they taste amazing. You cna even do the inside out burgers even if you buy the Fresh Butterball Burgers by simply remaking them with the cheese, Butterball Turkey Bacon and chives & such inside the burger and made back in to a patty.

Now, my favorite personally is he Butterball Sandwich meats. They come in a few different flavors such as Deep fried, Cajon or regular. I love the Deep fried best. Either way, they Butterball Turkey Lunch meat far outweighs out lunch-meats with healthy goodness. The next time you find your self looking at Sandwich meats, take a look at the Butterball Turkey and the ingredients & such as compared to other Turkey Sandwich meats and you will see a huge difference in the health of the meat. I am the type of person who is on the go from before daylight to well past midnight and find myself grabbing whatever is handy to eat when I get a chance. I have made a conscientious effort these past few weeks to make sure to have the Butterball Turkey Lunch-meat on hand so that I can easily make a bagel thin with Turkey and low Fat Swiss cheese and my kids see me eating that and decide to have the same thing, which means I am showing them healthier rchoices to make instead of grabbing  canned pasta or other stuff not so healthy for lunch.

Sure, Butterball Turkey is the best Turkey you can buy at Thanksgiving, so moist and tender, with juices just flowing out, but when you think of Butterball, I hope you will now consider all the other Butterball products you can keep on hand to make healthier choices in your eating.

Making a lunch for your child for back to School? Why not throw in a Butterball Turkey Sandwich with some baked chips or carrots and some apple slices? Not only will they enjoy it, they will be asking for more. With 7 picky kids, not one of them can find fault in the butterball products our family has switched over too, they all love the, and eat them and yes, even ask for them for lunch.

I wanted to also give you all a few of my favorite recipes for using Butterball products and also point you in he direction of finding even more delicious recipes. 

My favorite breakfast Butterball Turkey Bacon recipe: ( this takes less than 10 mins to prep and a total of less than 20 mins  to finish which is great when you are short on time like I am many mornings )

Breakfast Turkey and Egg Flatbread

  • 2 slices Butterball® Turkey Bacon
  • 1 Flatout® Light Original Flatbread
  • 2 tablespoons Vermont White Cheddar and sage gourmet spreadable cheese*
  • 2 eggs, scrambled 
  • 8 thin slices ripe pitted peeled avocado

 Now, my kids prefer it without Avocado but you can substitute pretty much anything you want. I have tried everything from cream cheese to salsa and salsa seems to be a big hit


  1. Cook turkey bacon according to package directions. Cool slightly and crumble; set aside.
  2. Spread Flatout Flatbread evenly with cheese. Top with scrambled eggs, bacon and avocado slices. Serve.

You can find tons of great recipes on the Butterball website that is sure to please you  and your family from Breakfast to lunch.

Now that I have told you all about the awesome Butterball products ( there are many more I didn't mention that you can find on the Butterball Website Product Page.

Butterball is giving 3 of my readers a chance to win a Butterball check for $15 each to check out some of the amazing products that my family loves in hopes that your family will love them just as much as we do.

These checks can be used at any Grocer for up to $15 worth of Butterball products

Ready to enter? Simple rafflecopter entry below

Disclosure: I received free product in exchange for this review however, all opinions expressed are my own.

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