Giveaway #3 in the 7K fan Giveaway

1:08 PM

Giveaway #3 we are going to do a little different

This giveaway it for a Herb garden kit, super nice with burlap bags, pots, seeds, and a few other surprises and also a $15 Spa Gift Card from Spa Week

To enter:

Comment on any post from the past 2 months, you can comment as many times as you like on as many post as you like, but they must be genuine comments, not just thanks or your name or great, etc, we want to hear real comments. Comment here with how many comments you make ( this last for 7 days so say you make 10 comments one day , comment back here with 10 and do the same the next day, etc)

You can also share this giveaway on Facebook or Twitter  and comment here with where you shared, you can do this twice per day on each platform for an entry each time

I will post a pictue of the Garden Kit but not the surprises later today when my camera is charged

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