Homemade Water Bombs

9:02 AM

                                                   Water bombs

I originally saw this idea on Pinterest but I don't remember exactly from which post that I actually did see them but I knew I wanted to try them . I was excited to be able to make something fun for a family reunion. 
We have lots of kids that come and we would be in and out of the water a lot.  I did play around with the directions a bit to figure out what worked and what did not. I went threw several different tie ideas. I used ribbon like original directions but those came apart so I ended up using stretchy jewelry string bought at Micheal's.   

 I started out by getting sponges at the Dollar Tree.  I used my scissors to cut sponge in 4 strips (mine weren't very even).  I then put my string on bottom and stacked 4 pieces on top of string.  Next  I stacked 4 more pieces on top of those. Then I tied them very tight. It was actually  very easy to do . 


 They were a hit at the party we soaked them in water and threw them at each other. The kids  and adults a like want me to make more for next party. We all had a blast and I hope you do to. If you make these I would love to see them and hear how it went.            

 Byline Blog Contributor: Sarah S.

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