Shark Steam Mop Review

12:26 PM

How many of you have wood floors or even tile or laminate ?  We all have something and it always needs cleaned , doesn't it ?  I think I have a solution for you all,  it actually worked very well for my family and I will get a lot of great use out of it.  We have many wood floors in our house as well as tile and laminate . All my floors get dirty a lot  with kids around as I am sure many of you are quiet familiar with yourself. I always worry on what to clean my wood floors with in order to not damage them .  I received the Shark  Steam mop to try  out and to review.
I opened it up and it came the mop itself , washable cloth, and cleaner . It was pretty simple to put together I had some trouble figuring out the steam,just water and cleaner but that is pretty much user error on that one. After I figured it out with some help from the husband I did alright. 

 We were remodeling my daughters room so as you can imagine ,dust and dirt abound, of course there was plenty. So I did a good sweeping of the floor  and made sure my cleaner was in properly, since it was not the first time around . I ran the mop on clean and it looked nice but I wanted to know that all that dirt and dust was gone before I put her brand new rug down. So I ran the steam over the floor and it looked so nice and pretty and ready for new decor. 

 The mop it self has a very nice light up button display that will  tell you if  it is on steam or mop or both and how much to give,actually pretty easy if you read directions. I had that problem at first I didn't really read so I had to go back, read directions with and with  a little help from hubby  figured it out fairly quick.

Disclosure: I received this product for review for free, however, I was not required to write a review and all opinions expressed are my own.

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