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This was a toy sent to me to test out. My kids are older than the age group here which is 4+. Although they are older they still had fun helping me out. This toy will be going to work  with me. I work with autistic preschoolers and help with ABA therapy. So this toy will get plenty of use and will be wonderful for fine motor skills that we teach everyday. It is also very easy  to use which will be helpful with my students .

 It is also very colorful big openings and no small parts. Like anything we purchase for our children of any ability we are always looking for function ,affordability and attractiveness to the child.. With its bright bold colors it is very attractive to any little eye.  When it came I was very excited to open it up and imagine all that i will be able to teach and help them learn through  play.      
I opened it up and was so happy to see four different shapes with a different number of holes. I know , it is strange to look at  the holes ,but I was in work mode and was thinking with some kids we will start with smaller amount of holes then go from there . Of course I will have some that will go by shape or color.I have a feeling the robot will be very popular. 
As you can see my son chose the robot . He was happy to show how it worked . He took the socket wrench and went to work . He said it was easy to work and worked just like the real tools he uses with dad. I did let my little neighbor boy try as well and he is 5 ( I am unable to use pictures however for privacy reasons)  He had fun as well and was able to use it just as easily as my older kids. On the the wrench is a little slide to make lefty loosie  or righty tighty. I was very happy with this toy and its ease for all abilities and I cant wait till school starts to really use it.

 I have so many ideas on lessons to teach  and they will never know they are learning and that's the best part. I would recommend the Design & Drill socket to me to anyone that has little kids or someone that needs a little work on fine motor skills. I will also be talking with my colleagues in special education and general education on this toy as we are always looking for new and inviting things to keep interest.  This also a great toy for parents. It is  just fun and easy and will give them a toy that they can do alone so you can do dishes or you can all work together.      

Blog Contributor:  Sarah S.

Disclosure: I received this product for review for free, however, I was not required to write a review and all opinions expressed are my own.

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