DIY Child's Homemade Cupcake costume for less than $5

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 I love Halloween it is my favorite holiday of all.  I always throw a huge party ever year and  I am always looking for new DIY  ideas. 

This is a Child Costume, but you could use the same overall idea to make an Adult costume I'm sure. 

Sometimes I  make costumes with my kids others are decorations or party games.  I also like to do things on the cheap. Here I  will show you some inexpensive costumes  I  have done to make Halloween even more awesome.      

  First up my cupcake costume.  

Here is what you will need:

An Old Lamp Shade
Pink Spray Paint
Hot Glue & Glue Gun
White Knee Highs
Craft Fill
 ( or maybe you have something at home you can use but you can get an entire bag of Craft/Poly Fill  for under $4 and save some for other DIY projects)
Beanie Hat
1 Pack craft Felt or 3-4 sheets
Lollipop Stick 
Brown-paper ( paper bag, etc )

 I started with an old lamp shade my aunt had ,so that was free. I then spray painted it with pink paint which was $0.98 cents.  I then hot glued elastic inside lampshade to hold it up on my daughter. I already had elastic but it is like a dollar at any store.  I went to Walgreen's and got knee high white pantyhose the ones in the plastic gumball machine container. They were 33 cents each.   I used 3 containers so around 99 cents.  I stuffed the pantyhose with pillow fill from a craft store whole bag was 4 dollars but I only used about half.  I tied the ends then hot glued them end to end. I then wrapped them around top of lamp shade and hot glued.  Next I had her cut out sprinkles from felt I had in craft room. I bought the hat at dollar store and added a lollipop stick to top wrapped in brown ribbon.  There you go easy cute costume.     So all together total I  spent around $4.00 .      

  Blog Contributor:  Sarah S.

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