DIY Pokemon card costume : Under $5 total and easy to make

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 Halloween is almost here, you really have one week from today, unless of course, your town holds Halloween on a different night. SO here is another awesome DIY costume that your kids would love. You could even get imaginative and do something other than Pokemon if you wanted especially with new cards of all kinds coming out frequently.

Such a fun costume and this even won a Costume contest.          

Here is what you will need:

Foam Board
Strips of elastic long enough to go over your Child's ( or Your) Shoulders
Paint  or Markers ( Yellow, Red, Pink, Black) Paint will work best for the largest are in yellow.
Face Makeup

You could also get a yellow shirt & pants if you wanted and had some already at home to save money. Since nothing has to go on them, you can use everyday clothing that your child can wear again.

  My son wanted to be something different so we looked around his room for inspiration.  He had lots of Pokemon cards and loved them. So he decided he wanted to be Pikachu but not just Pikachu but his Pikachu Card.  So I studied the card and tried to figure out how I was going to go about this.

I started out with foam board from the dollar store.  We painted one board just like front of  card with all that stats and everything. I then cut out space for his head and drew Pickachu around it.  Then I painted the other board just like the back of card. ( I cant find my picture of the back)  Then you will hot glue  elastic to each board  for over the shoulder.

My Son let me paint his face like Pikachu and we were all done. The longest time on this was waiting for paint to dry.
Sarah S, contributor

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