Christmas Sponsorship Application

8:42 AM

The 2014 Christmas sponsorship applications are now open. I will keep them open until Mid-November.

I only ask a few things from you if you are filling out an application:

If you are filling this out for you family or someone else, please make sure to list that person's address or contact information that I can Verify

Please only fill this out if you truly need help, if you are already receiving help from another group/Toys for Tots, etc, please let others have a chance

Please be honest, I do this every year from my heart, spend my own money and my kids help choose the families to help, so honesty is important.

A few things to know:

Do not message me asking if you were chosen, if you are chosen, I will let you know. No names will be given out publicly, if the chosen families want to post pics, that would be amazing but it is not necessary. I will keep everything about you private.

Keep in mind, I am doing this from my own pocket and with the help of several sponsors, so asking for big items will most likely not happen.

If anyone would like to contribute to this by donations of goods, money, etc you can email me at :

Make sure to like my page and keep an eye out to know when emails have went out : Saving My Sanity

Fill out the application entirely HERE

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