Drop Stop Review & Giveaway

10:28 AM

              Who has issues with dropping things in the cracks of your seats in the car. I do ,as do the kids. I am constantly dropping my phone,keys and other objects in between the seats of my car. I try my hardest to keep my cars clean. With children that is not always easy, and as we travel we eat out and sometimes in the car. You can image the food,wrappers,change that falls threw. I cant always retrieve those items easily and have to move seats and reach to get in between.    Well no more. I found a great product that products us from those pesky items being stuck.

I received 2 drop stops to  review. They were easy to install and blends right in.  I was able to put them in our car and the kids had a blast trying to drop things.  They thought it was funny because we lot them drop before we installed drop stop and after.  I also received a credit card light great for looking for items or at night looking to place your keys.  I also got a non slip pad. which will be useful in the car as well.

Can you see the drop stop? I can but it blends in so well like it came that way. It is very soft and easy to install blends in and is perfect.

No more losing my keys or phone or anything while driving. It is a great product and one of those why didn't I think of that.    We also have a great giveaway for you. Sponsored by drop stop.  3 winners will receive all that I did.  2 drop stops a credit card light and a nonslip pad.

Staff Blogger Sarah S

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