Halloween Party

11:00 AM

                                       I love Halloween it is my most favorite time of year. I love everything about fall from apple picking,apple cider,to pumpkins and baking to costumes and parties . I love it all and I might be a bit crazy but that's OK.  My family and I  throw a huge party every year .

This year being Halloween is on a Friday it will be even bigger.   I throw it like an open house every starts arriving an hour before trick or treat. The food is all arranged  and you can help yourself. We also have games downstairs and outside.  Then wee trick or treat and come back and party. Around 9 pm our neighborhood park puts on a huge bonfire and has cider and donuts from local places for everyone. Then they have a live band.        

So this year i am looking for new ideas to make a party even more special. This is the first year my daughter is on her diet so no candy or the food we will serve. I am on the look out for special recipes for her and we will get her special toy or something for her to trade in her candy for.    Let me show what I  have done in the past for my Halloween parties.

That is  my son being silly but left it all minus the child and put some glow sticks in it at night.
We always do several pumpkins.
This pic I  just wanted to share because  I  love it.

This one is my pride and joy from last years party. I carved a pumpkin inside then carved beer on outside. I then carved a hole for spout, i also drilled holes on top for battery operated lights that work. I then let my husband use home brewed beer and put inside. Everyone of age to serve them selves of course. It was a hit.  So this year I  need to figure out how to top myself . I don't  really have a theme its just Halloween . 
I also made these cake pops for my kids school I think I will make them again for our party. Do you want to see my party when it is done? Do you have  ideas for me?

Sarah S

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