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Winter is coming on fast,as it it gets colder my house gets dryer.  we have tried humidifiers before in every room. The house was still dry as we didn't have one big enough for the whole house. Holmes was very gracious to send me the whole house humidifier to test out and review.

When it came i was over whelmed with the size . I t was large and i was unsure where to put it until i took it out of the box. I t was large but not to big .  I took it out and it was ready to go minus water. There was little to put together. The double filters are already in and look pretty easy to replace when needed. 

I think it blends in with furniture well and does its job well.  Inside it has 2 filters and two water tanks. 
The openings for the filters are easy to open no tools needed.
The tanks are easy to remove and fill.  Once filled you  just plop them back in and you are good to go.  The tanks are 2 gallons each so you have a 4 gallon capacity.
The coolest thing about this is how you can manage it away from home. The humidifier is state of the art. It is wemo enabled. Wemo is a free smart app for your smart phone that you can download.You can control the humidifier from anywhere you have your phone.  You can set a timer for it to run. You can turn it off if  your away and get an alert that water is low or if you just want it off. You can turn it up ,down anything you need right from your phone anywhere you are.  I am in love with this technology as we travel and i can make sure its off when we wont be there, and turn it on on our way home. It is great technology for our ever so busy lives and my tech loving husband. I think if he could run everything from his phone he would be really happy.Not only can you run the humidifier from anywhere it has cool mist technology as well. It can run for up to 60 hours at a time as well on the 4 gallons of water. I really like this product and look forward to a very comfortable house all winter long.

I recieved this product free of charge in exchange for  a review. All thoughts are my own.
Staff blogger Sarah s

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