Kushy Foot Giveaway!

2:02 PM

I am excited to bring you guys this awesome Kushy Foot Giveaway thanks to my friend Brie at Beautiful Incentives. I hope one of my readers is the lucky winner, I would love to win this one myself!!

If you have been following me for the last year, you probably know I'm a huge Kushy Foot fan and love reviewing for them. See my last Kushy Foot review to learn more. To sum it up simply, it is a company that makes shaping Hosiery, fold-able flats and the most comfy socks on earth.

Kushy Foot products have light padding and ribbing, but that little difference I have found makes a BIG difference for me. Firstly, I practically live in flats in the fall, or i'll wear boots with a heel. My feet can get very sore, especially considering I already deal with chronic pain from a back issue. With my issue, the lumbar spine is what is involved most and those nerves extend all the way down to your feet. Wearing these padded Kushy Foot socks are seriously comfortable and I would not go without them in my flats. the best part about them is that they don't show at all in any flats I have worn them with and that is hard to find! Ladies, you want these socks and I'm here to offer you a giveaway including an assortment of what I reviewed, retailing for over $50! 

Here's what you'll receive:

  •  The New Kushyfoot Shaper Tight (#12205--$9.99)
  •  Updated Rib Pattern Tight (#12201--$7.49)
  •  Fleece Trouser Socks (#3649--$5.99) 
  • Trouser Fishnet and Classic Styles (#3498--$7.99/2 pair)
  • Microfiber Crew Socks (#3492--$3.99) 
  • Extreme Low Cut Foot Covers (#3669/3671--$7.99/2 pair) 
  • Kushyfoot FLATS TO GO in a variety of styles ($9.99)

Good Luck! 

This Giveaway and review is in accordance with FTC guidelines. Beautiful Incentives and bloggers helping to promote are not responsible for prize fulfillment.

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