lego wyld style homemade costume

11:22 AM

Have you children had the chance to see  the Lego movie?  

We were able to take the kids & see the Movie  and Now  we sing "Everything is awesome"  , we sing it much  more than I would like .  My daughter loves to be creative with Halloween costumes and I like being frugal ,  So when she came to me with the idea of being Wyld Style.  I took it and ran with .   For those of you who don't know what Wyld Style looks like I posted a picture below for referenc.

We already had black pants and a black hoodie, so it was an  easy  start. I got iron on transfer sheets for dark fabric. My husband went online and got the graphic off her sweatshirt. He sized it up and printed it out. I then ironed it on pretty easy. Then we painted her face yellow and sprayed her hair black,pink ,and blue.
Tada! All done, pretty easy and my daughter loves it!

Staff blogger  Sarah S

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