Mad scientist DIY birthday party

10:00 AM

I am sharing my fun birthday party with you . My son loves science so i was trying to come up with a fun way to incorporate that in to a party I think I found it.  I love diy parties and out of the box of ordinary. So as i was searching for things for the party I realized I could reuse   a lot  of my Halloween decor that I already have.

I needed some decor so I decided to bring out my cricut machine.I cut out scientist using a cartridge and i cut banner shapes and letters. I then just put it together with string.

I decided on lots of bright neon colors. I found these great light bulb jars and i put water in them and broke glow sticks in them it was a very cool effect. I also took different shape potion bottles i had in my Halloween stuff and filled with water and food coloring. Their cups are actually measuring flasks i found .the little tubes on table are filled with nerds kinda a test tube feel. I also had petri dishes i made jello in  and some had nerds in it or other candy for effect.
I decided we were going to do experiments and they could take home instead of junk in goody bags. We made slime and put in these containers and i made the labels on my computer.
 We even had a science show courtesy  of my husband and his friend complete with dry ice.
 I usually  make all my cakes but i was a little busy so i bought one this time.
 All the kids had mens white button down shirts as lab coats (my friend happen to be getting rid of them). I also baought some adult throw away lab coats for us and bigger kids. They had so much fun in them and in this picture they are doing diet coke and mentos explosion.
 I made them all lab badges on my computer for them and the goody bags are black boxes and have their badges and one take home experiment and their safety goggles .they got to take home the things we made as well and their drinking cups.
IWe also made lava lamps with oil water food coloring.I t was a huge hit with the kids.I made this sign for front door on my computer. This was our party it was so much fun I cant wait for my next big idea.
Staff Blogger  Sarah S

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