Monterey Chicken : A Great recipe the whole family will enjoy

4:26 PM

This recipe is a favorite among my kids and Chris actually likes it as well and he is not a big Chicken Fan.

You can use Fresh or Fresh Frozen Chicken, just make sure it is totally thawed out. My recipe is made for a family of 7, so if you are a smaller family, I recommend baking all the chicken and saving half for another meal.

I used  Bag of Kroger Fresh Frozen Chicken which had 8 pieces in it.

Ingredients you will need:

 1 Bag of Chicken ( Fresh or Fresh Frozen)
1 Pack Shredded  Cheddae Cheese ( 16 Oz)
1 Bottle of your Favorite BBQ Sauce
1 Can Rotel ( Any kind is fine, whichever your family prefers)
8 slices Bacon

Cook Chicken in pan, covered for 25 mins or until no longer pink inside, which Chicken is cooking Cook or Microwave your Bacon slices.

Remove Chicken from Over and drain excess liquids

Add  1 bottle of BBQ Sauce to cover entire surface of Chicken well

Add 1 Can Rotel ( or diced Tomatoes) to cover BBQ Sauce

Cover Chicken with Shredded Cheddar Cheese

Add Crumbled Bacon Slices to top of Cheese

Return to Over for 7-8 minutes until cheese is nice & melted

Remove from Oven & Serve

To feed 8 People, this Main dish cost about $13.00, but you can make it much less expensive by buying your ingredients when they are on sale as I do. It actually cost me $7.74 for everything , which was basically the Chicken & Bacon as I was able to get the other stuff free or less than $0.25 cents with coupons.

I usually serve mine with Baked Potatoes & Salad, which brings the meal per person to about $1.75 each if you pay full price or in my case it was $1.34 per person by buying on sale

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