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Who has kids that love to pretend and imagine. I know i do even with them a little older they love to use their imaginations and go beyond our world. I love seeing kids use their imagination instead of technology all the time. As i do in my job as well we tech them to pretend,and imagine,and imitate.
I was given the chance By My pretend place to try out one of their pretend play packages.   I received the pirate pretend play package.
It came in a nice box nicely packaged.

It came with a pirate book, treasure coins and bag, and the costume. It also came with a envelope with stickers and a handle so kids could decorate their boxes. My children said the box would be a great treasure box or even a carrier to take treasure to grandmas house.

 I had to agree with that logic. The costume its self is a Melissa and Doug pirate costume. It is very well made and came with the hat ,tunic and vest,eye patch (which is soft) and a foam sword.The costume fits 3-6 year olds.
 The book is wonderful to start off the pirate story telling . Very colorful and well written book. It really gets the imagination started well.  This pretend  play package was great . Really had everything you needed for a day of imagining yourself as a pirate.  The only thing you need now is snacks because of course after a day of play that's all you need. 

Staff blogger Sarah s

I recieved this product free of charge in exchange for a review. all thoughts are my own.

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