Pillsbury Melts Cookies Review & Giveaway

7:00 PM

We all love cookies...it's a fact. Many people spend hour's in the kitchen mixing & baking up the most perfect cookie and still...they are just cookies, even if they taste great.

Enter, Pillsbury Melts cookies....no ordinary "Just a Cookie" about these.

How about a delicious Chocolate Molten cookie that taste just like..you go tit, Chocolate Molten Cake. Yummy chocolate Cake like on the outside with an oooey gooey melted chocolate inside. Yes, it's not only as good as it sounds, but as good as it looks.

These, although they take a bit longer to bake than normal Pillsbury Cookies, coming in a a total time of 20 minutes to open, put on pan, bake, ice and cool, are well worth that 20 minutes. Nothing special you have to do, they are as simply as any other Pillsbury Cookie with an added step of Icing & more cooling, which takes about 60 seconds to ice one pack then cool for an additional Five Minutes.

I admit, I took a bite while they were still dripping with chocolate icing and warm inside & out. I admit I didn't  follow directions, it was simply  too temping, although with the other 8 cookies in the pack, I followed direction to a T so I could get my kids reaction. Normally all kids love cookies, but mine much prefer plain ole chocolate Chip, However, even they had to admit these cookies were amazing.

Chocolate Molten Cake not your thing? How about a yummy gooey filled S'mores Cookie. Yes, they too are simply as awesome as the Chocolate Molten Cookies. They have the most delicious Marshmallow filling  inside these amazing cookies with Chocolate drizzled on top. They are divine...

Have you tried the new Pillsbury Melts Cookies yet? what did you think? Personally myself & my family rated them with 5 stars. You will not find a better.  more not so ordinary Easy to Bake cookie out there.

How else can you get an amazing gooey filled Cookie such as the Pillsbury Melts without spending hours in the Kitchen? No where...

Now, I would like to give one of my fans a chance to win a coupon for a free pack of Pillsbury Melts...simply comment below and tell me which kind you would like to try or what kind you would like to see them add to the line up next.

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