Spike ankylosaurus steam roller review

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 I work in Education and  I am always looking for toys that will peak interest and keep the children's attention.  I  also looking for them to be fun, educational and long lasting.  I was given the opportunity to try out one of the new dinosaur construction toys by Educational Insights.  When I received the toy, I was excited to see how large it was.  It is a great size for the little preschool hands that  I work with everyday.  My daughter, 9, and my son, 12, both had fun playing with it as well. 
The dinosaur is geared towards 3 year old and up age group.  The dinosaur is kid powered and has many movable parts. It requires no batteries to power the large rollers.  The large rollers are perfect for playing in many different areas including sand tables and rice bins.  His head is large and moves side to side and his mouth opens and shuts.  It is perfect to play indoors or outdoors with him.
  Spike promotes creativeness, imagination,gross  and fine motor skills. He is wonderfully built  also strong and durable and  moves easily. 

He is very easy to use and fun to play with.  My favorite part is that it requires no batteries at all. I love kid powered toys especially in the classroom.  We will really enjoy smashing play dough and digging through rice with spike.

I received this product at no charge to me in exchange for e review.  All thoughts are honest and all my own.
Staff blogger Sarah S

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