A town destroyed

7:37 AM

Has it really come down to the fact that people in our country think that burning, looting and destroying an entire town is the way to justice?

I am sure we all have different opions and thoughts on the decision made by the Grand Jury in Missouri county last night about the Ferguson issues, but regardless of our opinions, what gives anyone the right to destroy an entire town? Nothing..that's right, nothing gives those people the right to act like they are. We have laws in our country for a reason and these people against the plea's of Michael Brown's Family, thought they would just take justice in to their own hands. How is that justice?

Our country has come a long way in terms of rights and liberties. People work hard to open businesses and provide for the people. Now they have destroyed a town..for what purpose did this serve? How will these people began to heal and move on when others do things such as this?

What purpose did it serve to torch police cars ? Taxes will now go up to cover this loss. What purpose did it serve to torch a Beauty Salon?None, and now people will go to the next town over for those services, essentially leaving Ferguson without revenue coming in. Will the big retail giants rebuild like McDonald's and AutoZone? Most likely not, because insurance rates will be too high for them to operate in that town.

Not only will this town feel the economic loss, the county will, the state will and essentially we will all feel the total devastation for a long time to come.

You don't agree with the Grand Jury? The do a peaceful protest, write a letter to your congressman, push the Feds to seek justice, but do not take justice in to your own hands, because you are hurting yourself and your community. So many lives broken because of how this has turned out.

It's time to start healing for Ferguson and for out Nation. It's never a good thing when something like this happens. Did the officer do what he thought was right? Do we really know what was in Michael Brown or Officer Wilson's mind when this was happening? No, we had no idea, and we never will.  We can place blame however we like, but that does not excuse what is happening.

Let me tell you what this has accomplished..NOTHING! Absolutely nothing except to tear a city apart, to continue the hurt these families are suffering, preventing them from moving forward. Destroying a town which many may not rebuild in, destroying the livelihood of so many people by putting them out of jobs, leaving them without cars, forcing them in hide in their homes like criminals and most of all...destroying what our constitution was made for.

Stand up for what you believe in, but never at the expense of others. Encouraging these acts of vandalism is nothing more than defying what are laws are written for. Is this what we want our kids to grow up seeing and hearing? Not me...I want ,my children to obey the laws. There are so many ways this could have turned out without all the destruction...and I will use this as a lesson to instill in my children right from wrong. To teach my children that it is never okay to destroy something that is not their own. To show them ways to control how they feel without hurting others. To stand up for what they believe in in a way that will not break the law...and most of all, I will show my children the meaning of compassion, compassion for the families of the victim, the officer and the people whose livelihoods are being slowly destroyed by this complete lack of respect for the law with all these acts of vandalism.Regardless of how we each feel, these were senseless acts of violence.

A town, a county, a country, will never be the same again.

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