Best REM Sleepmask Review

4:58 PM

I have a hard time staying asleep as my husband sleeps with the T.V. on all night and although the sound really does not bother me, the lights do.

So I was super excited when I got this REM Sleep Mask to review and was really hoping it would help me get a better night's sleep.

I was pretty impressed because on the very first night, I really thought I would have a hard time getting used to sleeping with a mask on, but it was super comfortable and I had no issues. The best part? I actually got 7 hours of straight sleep without waking up to all the lights from the T.V.

Soft and Silk-Like With Breathing Vents For Better Sleeping Anywhere - Fully Blocks Light and Sounds - Includes FREE Report "Sleep Smarter", a Sleep Diary , Earplugs And Carry Pouch - Helps With Insomnia And Dry Eyes - Perfect For Business Travel Or Everyday Use, Fits Men and Women


The Highlights of this Sleep Mask :


  • SAY GOODBYE TO DROWSY MORNINGS - Fully Blocks light and sound with the included earplugs!
  • LASTS FOR YEARS & INCLUDES 1 YEAR FULL WARRANTY - Advanced materials provide a heavy duty construction that is feather-light!
  • PREVENTS WRINKLING AND SORE EYES - Designed to breath while you sleep with dual air vents, to keep your skin and eyes from drying out!
  • VASTLY IMPROVES REM SLEEP - The mask won't flatten or come loose as you roll around in your sleep, to allow for unrestricted eye-movement for deeper rest!
  • BEST VALUE - The mask comes with a carry pouch, ear plugs, The "25 Effective Sleep Secrets" E-book and a sleep diary!
  • Think you want to give it a try? Head on over and pick one up from Amazon, these would also make great gifts for the Women in your life who already have everything!


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